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    • I want an offensive minded HC. I don't want a former LB who loads up on 1st round LBs and pays them ungodly amounts of money. LBs don't impact the game enough to earn the money we pay. I don't like the way our team is constructed. I want an emphasis on the o-line, QB, and weapons all over the field. A true #1 dominant WR streaking down the field and breaking the top off the defense and winning 50/50 fight for it jump balls. I don't think Ron is a bad HC. His record informs us of what he's capable of achieving. He builds a defense that prevents us from being a bottom feeding team, so we know we'll get close to 8-8, and then anything the offense can do is gravy. We don't have a #1 WR and we desperately need one. We don't have a decent center, his pass blocking is high school level. We don't know how things will pan out at OT. Our TE might as well be as old as Thor. Ron has constructed a middle of the road team that relies on defense and running the ball to stay in the middle of the pack. We're not great, we're not terrible, we're 8-8, or 7-9, useless. We had that under Fox. We have it under Ron. I'd rather go 0-16 for 3 seasons and load up on draft picks. We could keep going 8-8ish under Ron until he retires. I think Marty 2.0 has done a good job, but the team is built on Ron's defensive blueprint. I'm sick of it. Marty is drafting fine. The FAs are fine. It's not like when Gettleman shiit the bad with bad picks and the FA who shall not be named. Marty is miles better, but Ron's old school defensive mentality keeps us in the middle of the pack. I'm sick of middle of the pack. It doesn't help that the QB Ron thought he would retire with has physically fallen apart. We've lost our franchise QB. That hurts, and we'll have to rebuild, but Ron is still on the hook for the outcome of this season imo. We don't make the playoffs and he's out imo, and I want him out because I'm sick of 8-8. We need an offensive genius. Put the ball in the air with a new coach. If Kyle can't do it, then let him tank trying and use the high draft pick to get the QB you want. Ron can be our DC, or move on to greener pastures.
    • Don't understand why you tied Cam to Ron and Hurney
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