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    • Yes, racist people exist, no one argues this at all, I am sure some people hate Vick because he is black and refuse to forgive because of this one fact. As long as you aren't arguing that the majority of people who strongly dislike him for his actions, is rooted is racism, because it really isn't. We have seen the same type of movements towards the Jimmy John's and other CEO types for big game hunting. I do not know of a celebrity who did anything comparable to the evil poo that Vick did to animals, so it's hard to make a real comparison in that regard.  I do not excuse people who commit heinous acts such as this because of their upbringing, and neither should you. Atoning for your sins? Cool, great, I am all for bettering yourself, and you should not have to serve more time for the crime you have done the time for, but this does not translate to public view or perception. Just because you worked to make yourself better after what you did, does not release you from the eternal consequences of those incredibly horrible actions. 
    • no hating people who have paid their debts, atoned for their sins, and made actual efforts to right wrongs afterwards who are black while giving passes to other people is rooted in racism. it may not apply to everyone. but you are lying to yourself if their arent people who are comfortable hating on vick while keeping their mouth shut about others who havent gone as far to mend situations as vick has.    i would counter that not adding the context of vicks impoverished and violent upbringing as a lens in which to view his indiscretions is even more dumb and willfully ignorant of the violence poor people are brought up in. It would be wise to education yourself before judging. 
    • But Ben wasn't convicted either...? Thinking hating people who torture dogs or mistreat any animal is rooted in racism is dumb as fug. 
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