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    • Let’s not be disingenuous. Little gave up 14 pressure in one game. Beasley just ran into Allen with no resistance. If you are trying to insinuate that the OL is playing well and it’s Allen running around taking sacks then it’s not worth discussing or you are just trolling. Giving up a sack amount that would be top 5 in NFL history means the OL is terrible. Simple as that. Another way to think about it is that we are only 1 sack better than a team who released their C (Pouncey) and traded their LT to tank for picks and draft position. We on the other hand spent $15M in 2019 FA dollars and 3 draft picks and still have as bad an OL as Miami. It’s mind boggling that I have to defend Allen from someone trying to act like it’s not an OL issue. Allen is 5-1 with 2 INTs when he’s been sacked 3 or fewer times. He’s 0-4 with 10 INTs when he’s been sacked 5 or more times. I’m not even saying Allen is great or can be great in the future but is damn obvious he plays better when he’s not getting blasted. Your 2 line post has no facts and is just a lazy drive by post when you know the OL is garbage and yes this time I’m actually saying it’s garbage. 
    • All I can see when I look at that picture is:  Oh, there's Eric Reid getting beat in coverage again.
    • Kyle Allen got his ass kicked. You stfu 
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