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Click bait and we did this yesterday.

It's an article base on a bleacher report blogger suggesting it. It then goes through the reasons it wont work and is a bad idea for Denver. Read the article.

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4 minutes ago, electro's horse said:

Why would the Broncos do it right now?

They're 2-5 their ship has sailed. 

You should know from our season last year, that it doesnt really matter what your record is after 7 or 8 games.  We looked like world beaters until the Pitt game.

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50 minutes ago, Jeremy Igo said:



It will never happen. But, what kind of cruel irony would it be for Cam to play in Denver?

Not saying I agree with him but Pat McAfree (colts punter) has been talking/joking about this move. Says it would be poetic justice because Denver took his football soul. 

We shouldn’t trade Cam...but I do wonder what Denver or Chicago would give.  

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