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    • The exact quote is (starts at 3:15) "he got on the phone with me and basically told me he doesnt want sideline technology at all,  because he thinks its an unfair advantage if you have live video on the sidelines, that you can negate good coaching by technological advances i dont agree with that, but that was his view point"  
    • What the fug do transgender people existing and using the bathroom have to do with sports records? Just admit you hate trans folks and look for any reason to attack them, poo like this is transparently bigoted and bad faith
    • I will stand by my usual criticism of the Panthers. Too many times the team looks like crap losing. No matter how good the roster is, they never play up to their potential. Hurney 2.0 implemented some great players on the team, at least on paper. However, how well the players gel together could be one reason for the team coming up short performance wise. The other issue relates to coaching. Kuechly use to be a heat seeking missile, this year he has looked lost at times, discouraged and outsmarted. If he (Luke) who is considered one of the best LB's of all time whilst still in his prime can be made to look like this. How many other great players on the roster are being made to look way below their potential due to schemes and coaching. Maybe being paired with TD complimented Luke and allowed him to play to his full potential. These are the questions that need to be asked with this team. Not better drafting, but what's causing the drop in performance versus player's potential. On paper Shaq, Luke, Irvin, KK (IR), Poe, Burns, Addison, Mccoy, Butler (only this year) looked like an absolutely monstrous front 7. I don't believe for one second that this line up should ever be in the consideration for being one of the worst run D's in the history of the sport. But it is. Hell, I have no doubt in my mind that Mccoy actually thought this team was a contender when he decided to sign here. Greg Olsen thought this roster was one of the best in the league only to call the performance of the team comedy football half way through the season. I was not a fan of Gman, and I'm on the fence with Hurney 2.0. However, I've seen more from rosters with less. Until the team starts to play to the level of it's talent, Hurney right now isn't the biggest problem. There are talent killers in this staff that need to be weeded out which is why I was so adamant in pushing to see Ron sent packing. There's more talent killers still in this team, maybe ones that are worse than Ron, but it's hard to tell from the outside looking in. Although the Oline is one big issue that can no longer be ignored, and however is drafting and signing free agents needs to get it right else there's no point in putting a quality QB behind our line anymore.
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