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Jeremy Igo

Official Panthers at Falcons Gameday Thread

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1 minute ago, Mr. Scot said:

I think Scott is telling Kyle to go ahead and make the throw for the sake of timing.

I would add that it's pretty sad we can keep that many people back and still give up a sack.

Throw should go weak side 1not strong of defense 

why plays not being called to TE. Mind boggling 

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Just now, ickmule said:

Glad they were gonna go out and win one for Rivera.  This team is trash.  

Who said they're going to do that?

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Just now, PantherWake said:

I dont even want Kyle Allen as a backup anymore

I’m with you.  We need a full team enema. I don’t care if they let everyone walk.  

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Just now, Shocker said:

Badberry at it again

what? that was great coverage

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    • Depends on how he does in AFCCG. He has only thrown for 80 yards in both wins and maybe 3 tds. He is a certified game manager. Derrick Henry is doing all the road work and keeping the high pace offenses on the sideline. Also there defense is playing at an elite level. If the GM is smart he would not give Tannehill a big contract. Dude screams nick foles(2017), Case Keenum(2017), and blake bortles(2017). Basically he's having a good run but nothing that will be consistent or be MVP level.
    • again, you can't process some basic things in life and there really is not point because you argue from your magical land. As this has been debated a billion times and never once do you choose to have any form of intellectually honest conversation.  Bob Corker stepped out against Trump in a time no one was.  It was very early.  YOU.  ME.  Every sane person should of supported his act.  They should of supported more joining Corker.  You can disagree w/ him politically and still support him wanting his party to confront Trump and go against him. You don't have to agree or like Corker to endorse what he was attempting at that moment in time.   I did.  as I said, left, right, middle....they all suck.  I can and do trash them all.   I can also endorse them while not blanketly agreeing and supporting all that they are.  You can't.  Bob Corker needed to be successful for the sake of our own country.  He attempted to get the GOP off the Trump cult path. But he remained alone.  He then crumbled under the pressure of being on an island by himself. 
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