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Rhonde Barber for Exec VP

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The comparisons to John Lynch are everywhere ( future HOF, broadcaster, and football knowledge). He would definitely be able to evaluate and connect to the players. Definitely not a Hurney.

This would mean that Tepper is committed to "outside the box" thinking. It's worth a shot.

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if it gets him off of commentary, make him the new gm and owner

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    • I’m pulling for the Chiefs, but feel the Niners are a more complete team.
    • Bernie's talk on the economy is a mirror image of Dr. King's. did you hear what he said at the last debate when grilled on calling himself a socialist? he said the same thing King did, that people like Trump have always had socialism. that we've given billionaires handouts, tax breaks, and everything in between and they've enjoyed all the fruits that go along with a system that works for them, while those at the bottom toil and suffer. "The problem is that we all too often have socialism for the rich and rugged free enterprise capitalism for the poor. That’s the problem. " - MLK i absolutely understand that you would like to hear more talk specifically about black people from him rather than a catch-all of 'the poor' or 'the working class.' that's reasonable and it's one thing i would change about his campaign. even though it's a term that keeps getting used, to me this is really not about 'a rising tide lifts all ships,' this is not about making everyone rich. we're not going to elect bernie and suddenly capitalism is all better and we're all millionaires who rose with the tide. to me it's about economic justice, and racial justice, which are inextricably linked. all of these things are linked to Bernie too, which is why some people get frustrated when he can't just focus on race. bring up race to him and he'll talk about it for a bit, then he'll talk about climate change, and he'll talk about billionaires, and he'll talk about etc etc. because he sees the systemic racism that America undeniably has as a symptom of its overarching disease that he wants to cure. i'm glad you are moving left, it's funny how that saying 'as you get older you get more conservative' has been totally flipped in the past decade. i barely know anybody who isn't more left than they were years ago. i think people seeing how Obama ended up a pretty corporate centrist when we thought he was going to change everything pushed people that way.
    • I mean Smitty asked us to retire it, so I’m in favor of that, but I like the way you’re thinking here.
  • Masters of PIE !

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