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2020 General Election Candidates thread

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20 minutes ago, AggieLean said:

Also, you endorsing it symbolically is a problem. Symbolism does us no good.

Call it symbolic or call it merely morally right.  But it seems counter productive to cast aside people that would take your side on an issue simply because they don’t see and agree with your vision of how it would play out. 

But that is a white dudes take.  And I remain aware of that. 

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2 hours ago, AggieLean said:

For me personally?

The most important thing is improving black wealth, and decreasing the wealth gap. 

1. Reparations 

2. Affordable housing/rent

3. End the war on drugs/m4a

4. Ending systemic racism is also key, but that will never truly be eradicated, imo, when dealing with humans.

I have always maintained that the others on that list I support, but it must come after we are straight and given what is owed. I am not interested in elevating anyone else until we have a fair shot at truly benefiting from the other stuff. 

Im willing to move slowly towards those goals, but my bar is atleast setting up a committee for reparations at this time. Joe has said he would, but I don’t believe he’ll do that. My beliefs are confirmed by the pick of Kamala, who said she’s not doing anything specifically for native black Americans 

What makes you dislike Kamala?

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Posted (edited)


You are not in their club.

It's not too late.

The first vote has yet to be cast.

Vote for your values rather than perpetuating a corrupt establishment that doesn't care about you or your family.

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