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Dope Last Dance photo of the GOAT and the Bulls.

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Dumbest NBA owner in the league 

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On 5/27/2020 at 8:04 PM, MMA said:

Dumbest NBA owner in the league 

On a relative basis the poorest too...

...that's a lethal combination, in a bad way.

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    • I think we just disagree about what a game manager is and that is fine. The definition isn't exactly firmly agreed upon. People use it in various ways and we are using in different ways.
    • Yeah, the lottery system is just completely moronic, even if you remove the air of impropriety about it. No other league uses it because you want your bad teams to at least have a shot to get better. The NBA apparently does not. I cannot fathom how that is a net positive for the league. On the other hand.....we would still fug it up. In fact we have already fuged up previous top 5 picks. We need a lot of them in a row. The most maddening thing is that the Hornets seem dead set on what we as Panthers fans grew to hate about our last two coaches, the acceptance of mediocrity. Well the Hornets actively strive to stay mediocre. We don't tank and we sign just enough talent to fight for a spot in the playoffs but never enough talent to actually win in the playoffs. It's INSANE.
    • the people who think you can reform this while maintaining capitalism don’t understand the relationship between police and capital. when the crime bill architect tells a room full of super wealthy people that “nothing will fundamentally change” he is absolutely talking about every institution that preserves the wealth and power of the rich. first and foremost, the police. they enforce the social hierarchy that most benefits the rich. if their role changes then you’re going to see “fundamental change” for the rich too. which is why the pigs will have free reign, just as they did under obama.
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