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2020 Draft prospects

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I didn’t pay too much attention to this season outside of my struggling Tar Heels. I usually try to catch up a bit during March madness. So I don’t know much about the prospects, but I figure I get this going.

The four names I‘ve seen mentioned to us are James Wiseman (C), Onyeka Okongwu (C), Aaron Nesmith (SG?) and Killian Hayes (PG).

Nesmith looks like a ridiculous shooter on paper, anyone seen him play? What is your take on him and the other three?

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Wiseman will be top 2-3 pick - we'd have to win the lottery or trade up.
Okongwu seems to be the big guy we really need. Athletic scorer and blocker and can handle. Might not fall all the way to us.
Nesmith is a pure shooter. Something we haven't had on the team in awhile.
Hayes is obviously '?' because he's a Euro player. Never know if he will be Luca/Dirk or Vesly/Ajinca. We need proven players and don't have the luxury to miss on a high draft pick this year. But I have been willing to trust Mitch.

PG - Graham - ??
SG - Rozier - Monk (expiring)
SF - Bridges - Martin
PF - PJ - McDaniels
C - Zeller (expiring) - ??

We shouldn't be drafting for need and only focused on acquiring talent at all positions -- that said -- Okongwu seems to be my fav option. High ceiling but also a low risk as well.

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