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Jordan voice of reason during NBA owners meeting

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The owners held a virtual meeting Thursday morning, and two participants confirmed that Jordan -- who serves as the NBA Labor Relations Committee chairman -- was a voice of reason, urging the other owners to allow the players to express their frustrations and concerns before offering any of their own solutions.

"Right now, listening is better than talking," Jordan told the group, according to sources.

Jordan is being a key middle man between the players and owners and is helping a lot.. I hope the owners listen and start to use their massive clout ($$$) to put their weight on elected officials to make this movement get  some sort of results, ie. legislation passed.. nothing is going to change until the people in positions of power ($$$) decide to make it happen.. AND people in positions of power have no interest in changing the way things are.

The way things are helped make them millionaires/billionaires. The way things are is in their best interest. The only way to make them move is when the way things are becomes bad for business. And right now, The way things are is stopping their product from coming together. They spent a sh*t-ton of money to create the bubble so they could salvage the season. [It's funny that the Covid-19 pandemic couldn't stop the NBA season, but racism/police brutality can]

If all these sports players keep this up, this could really REALLY help.

I know they have decided to start the playoffs back up (Saturday, I think), but they will shut it down again if nothing happens. There will be no 2021 season if we are still in the same place in 2-4 months. I'm can only hope the owners said "Look, we can't do anything overnight - BUT we hear you and we are going to try and make something happen. In the meantime, let's finish up this season so you all can get out of the bubble, go home to your fam and continue to fight/rally in your own cities, in your own ways."

I hope that is the case. The players wouldn't just go back to work if they didn't receive and concessions from the owners in those meetings, Right?

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great but he needs to start working as owner to build a team that can actually win games

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