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My Glorious Hornets Offseason of Crazy

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My ridiculous idea that continues the build/isn't trying to have us float in mediocrity:
Mavericks get: Rozier, Monk, CHA 2nd 2020 (our second 2nd rd pick)
Reasoning: The Mavs tried a trade for Scerry when he was in Boston. He could pair well with Doncic, they have contracts that wouldn't hinder our rebuild if taken on and they also want to win now. Tack on Monk and his potential, this could be a shot Dallas goes for and they're really not losing much bc...
CHA gets: Tim Hardaway Jr., Pick 18
Reasoning: He's more reliable of a shooter than we've had at the 2. He's not going to bring much more than what Lamb did so it's not like we're getting better, but if we shine earlier than expected, he's a good piece to have. I also feel like this draft is going to have 2-3 guys come out of nowhere in the 15-30 range to become quality/fringe all-stars.
Draft: We grab Wiseman (3), Nesmith (18) Best big and best shooter in the draft...
Elsewhere...it's going to be hard to get rid of Batum but we should shelf him Deng-style.  
With the leftover, bring DJ Augustin (FA) back to town to run the second team. 
1st team: Graham-Hardaway-Bridges-PJ-Wiseman
2nd: DJ-Nesmith-Martin-McDaniels-Zeller
Small: Graham-Nesmith-Martin-Bridges-PJ
Bench: Martin, Kobi, (Bring back Biz on a cheap deal in FA), and our early 2020 2nd rounder
This assures suckage, opens up Rozier/Monk minutes to a the young guys who actually have legit upside, and doesn't get rid of Batum or Zeller because let's be honest, we're not moving those guys barring working with a Detroit or Cleveland to do something crazy.  This could really let us know what we have in Graham, Miles and PJ in a critical year developmentally for all. 
We should still be assured to suck but this could rip things open for us in the 2021 offseason. 
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