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Sausage Vs. Bacon

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Just an interesting epilogue:

The line of work I'm in affords me numerous weekdays off (and numerous weekends at work). This leads to some unexpected, yet hilarious situations. For example: I'm very bored all day, because my wife works a regular M-F job, and I usually do two things to entertain myself on these days off: 1) drink way too much liquor. 2) something stupid (various projects, ideas, revelations, etc..) often related to #1.

About an hour after I ate my first bacon wrapped sausage (B.W.S.), my wife calls me. (I'm sure she's calling to make sure that today's project hasn't caused any permanent damage to the home, vehicles, or pets). Of course I'm asked what's going on today, and I go into great detail about the BWS, how good it was, etc... Well, she listened to all the stuff I said, without interruption, and when I was finally finished, she says to me: "Well, everything tastes better when it's wrapped in bacon, why are you so surprised?" I immediately started my daytime drinking.


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