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What Are You Listening To Right Now....

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recent threads in the tinderbox has made me realize...


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just heard this song for the first time today.


Don't judge me for liking it! at least once or twice...


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    • I mean, he was great but it’s not a far-fetched take to think that right now he is borderline 1/2 receiver. His intangibles are ridiculous especially his center of gravity, balance and YAC/tackle breaking ability. But he definitely has work to do as a route runner if he wants to be considered a top tier wideout. I’d say he’s comfortably in the 2nd tier. Whether that’s a #1 or #2 I don’t know and I don’t think it matters. He can still become a top tier guy if he masters the route running aspect of it.   edit: I’ll add, to clarify, that I’m 100% comfortable with Moore as our best WR. If we still decide to draft another guy like Jeudy or something and have an elite pair, then great. But if not I don’t see any pressing need to add a WR to be a “#1.” A bigger possession guy for third downs and red zone, yes. But no need to spend big (money or draft pick) on someone to be the “#1.”
    • Dude was a top 10 NFL WR with Kyle Allen throwing him the ball. If the Panthers' organization feels he's "only" a #2 then it seems as if the Panthers' organization agrees with the Huddle's opinion that the only viable "#1 WRs" are mythological beasts the who consumes his opponents with fireballs from his eyes and bolts of lightning from his arse.
    • The ignorance and ineptitude is palpable Also, LOL at stirs for linking to Fox news after not showing his face here in ages since everyone caught on that he's wrong about literally everything 
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