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John Fox on Armanti Edwards....

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I'm sure most people don't talk bad about the organization that employs them. Once they leave the organization sometimes they do. Fox isn't the first, won't be the last. Again Fox opinion shouldn't matter. He could say we are the worst team in the league and have absolutely no talent at all. Would that bother me? No because his opinion doesn't affect the Panthers one way or the other.

I'm not saying it does matter. I just find it pathetic the way he deals.

Whether or not Armanti will suck really doesn't matter to me in this regard. It's the fact that he wants to open his stupid mouth with an opinion when he would've acted like an oaf if asked the same question in october, and i wouldn't be the least surprised if it was documented somewhere when asked about Edwards last season he danced around the question.

What he's doing right now confirms every suspicion i've had about him in the past that he's a sackless snake in the grass

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