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Carolina Panther card/memorbilla/auto's collectors...

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love that Stew Exquisite, I actually don't have one of those yet, need to get one eventually


also love that Smitty Limited patch, great placement with the teeth

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Just got all of these in too


2008 Certified Plate Auto (my first rookie 1/1 auto)

2009 UD Black Flag Auto /25

2009 Bowman Auto /10

2010 Threads Auto /10

2009 Bowman Jersey /10

2010 Absolute Patch /50

2009 NT /10

2010 Finest /10





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Ive always wanted to collect cards but know nothing of the market

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Stay far far away, lol


I kid, it's a ton of fun for me to collect, I was big into it as a kid, but back then it was nothing but base and insert cards and finding something numbered out of like 5,000 was crazy rare.


But nowadays it's totally different, a complete addiction, and as this other post insinuated, it's a rather costly hobby


hate to know what you guys are spending on all these.

i have collected in the past and would like to again but these specialty cards have priced me out.


You really don't want to know, hell, I spend it and I wish I didn't know, it's a lot, LOL

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Got some more stuff in this week


I already had the NFL cutout on the right, but just picked up the NFC cutout on the left this week


Both /10




I already had the non-auto, but really wanted to get the auto'd version as well and was able to work out a deal with one of the few listed on ebay for a reasonable price.  Tried with each of them on ebay but the others were asking for WAY too much money for theirs, maybe overspent a little, but I love the look of these cards and love the facemask idea too


Both /25



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So since I most likely have somewhere between 7-12 cards showing up Thursday alone and 17 total that I'm waiting on as of right now, figure I'll get these latest additions shared in here for now to at least break it up from one huge post.


There is a decent chance that my first mailday of the year will end up being the best single day of mail I get all year, you'll see why when I'm able to get that post up Thursday evening


This is either my 3rd or 4th (can't remember) Stewart Silhouette /10, the Limited jumbo patch is also /10, too bad it doesn't have a better patch in it though.


The Lotulelei Chrome Red is /25, and I also picked up the Camo, Blue Wave, and Orange Lotulelei Chrome cards as well but not going to put them in here



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