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Who is going Pro? 2013 edition

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That's horrible trash talk.... I am disappoint


Sadly, talking about dudes blowing each other is "on topic" for BL.

He needs to take a few weeks off from the Huddle.

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If your going to insult people your jealous of please use the thread Jason created to do so bro. It's annoying to have to scroll through 4 pages of envious Carolina haters to find a bit of useful info.

Also - youre analysis of UNC isn't bad but again you've used the wrong thread.

Stay. On. Topic.

It's superbly ironic that in response to my comment about your inability to use the words "you're" and "your" you incorrectly used them 3 more times ...Bro.

You do know how to use the contraction "you've", which is surprising. Maybe pretending to be a UNC fan for so long has made a positive impact in your life.

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