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Fearless Predictions - Seahawks Edition

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We're up three with five minutes to go. We go into a prevent defense, Lynch breaks off a 50 yarder. Wilson runs a play action and completes a pass down to the five. Next play hits his full back in the flat to go ahead. We see Nakamura go streaking into the field to go laugh in Riveras face and say it wasn't his fault! He proceeds to bs arrested and booked. Otherwise, we lose. The talk about Cams attitude comes back. Everything's the same.

On the other hand, we use the 10 am PT to our advantage and strike fast and don't wait to open up the play book. We win 27-13. Offense gets back to 2011 averages and we finished the game the way we did against the Falcons and deadskins.

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The D wins this game for us.

We get a reminder of why Ted Ginn is good at what he does.

Another reminder that our MLB is the best in the biz.

Davis lays lynch out in one of those DAAAAAMMMNNMN! Moments.

Lynch is a big boy. I'm confident that Hardy, Johnson, stars soon to be famous pinky, and Kuechly could lay the wood to him but I want to see nice form tackles on him. I don't want big hit attempts because he will seriously just roll off of them.

I mention Stars pinky because I feel like from his biceps down, his pinky has the strength to bring down quite a few people. He's not a dirty player so we won't see any malicious slams but we will see him pull people down with seemingly little effort.

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NFL and Roger Gordell implement the mercy rule after the first quarter of Panther domination. Looks like a snuff film on the football field. Rivera breaks his stoic stance, Sparta kicks Gordell and proceeds to yell, "FINISH THEM!" to his team...BoA field runs red with blood.

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Greg Hardy gets all 50 sacks week 1. He scores TDs on 32 of them. Final score is 266 to 2.

The two points they score is due to an errant snap on a 105 yard field goal try. We cover the ball in the end zone to prevent the gulls from scoring.

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Well I missed the fearless part. Armanti breaks the game open on a short comeback, rolls around P Sherman 42 and takes it to to the ten. Him and Olsen finish with over 100 yards. Ginn steps in to show the west coast what he can do with a real quarterback. Newton goes 22/30 for 310 yards 2 TD, 46 yards rushing on 8 carries and another TD. Dwill goes with 17 carries for 46 yards and Tolbert adds 12 carries for 35 yards and a TD. We win 31-23

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I predict that DeAngelo Williams has more rushing yards than Marshawn Lynch.

Cam has a better passer rating than Wilson.

Steve Smith spends at least one passing down wrestling with the DB covering him instead of running his route.

Greg Hardy starts the year not quite on pace for his predicted 50 sacks, but he still gets one or two this game.

At least one bullshit personal foul penalty at a bad time puts the game in jeopardy for us, but we still end up winning by more than a possession.

Panthers 30, Seahawks 20

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Cam - 17/24 250+ yards 2 passing Tds no ints 50 rush yards

Tolbert 15 carries 75 yards one td

Williams 15 carries 65 yards

Smith has 6 recs for 75 yards 1 td

Olsen has 7 for 90 yards 1 td

Norman gets an int early

Kuechly 15 tackles 1 FF

Hardy 2 sacks

Cj 1 sack

Take that one to the bank

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Sherman and Smitty scrum on the third play resulting in offsetting personal fouls

Greg Olsen is the leading receiver with 8 catches for 85 yards

Williams is essentially ineffective on the ground. Cam leads us with 45 yards rushing

Defense sacks Wilson twice and turn him over once

Wilson has a ton of success throwing short against munnerlyn

Panthers kick a fg late to put them ahead 19-17. Score holds as haushka misses 47 yard game winner.

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