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    • Nice investigative research.   That would be interesting.
    • I'm very much of the opinion that if Eli isn't also paired with a dominant defense, he has zero rings today. Sure he's a guy who could sometimes give you clutch performances to pull out key wins, but he didn't have the sort of talent that put in your team in position to get those key wins the way his brother did. In this respect I view him pretty much as a gunslinger like Jake. The difference is the Panthers gave up essentially nothing to get Jake, the Giants gave up a fortune to get Eli. There's no way to know for sure, but I'd argue that if the Giants had just stood pat and stayed with Rivers instead of maneuvering for Eli, it's possible Rivers has 3 or more Super Bowl rings now because I consider him a more talented and consistent passer and he'd have Eli's roster PLUS an extra first and third rounder in his supporting cast. When you think of Eli's two rings, do you honestly consider him the primary reason for those rings, or do you consider it to be his team's defense? To me it's the defense, Eli is just the guy who was good enough to not screw it up and give you a few key clutch plays along the way. Nothing to sneeze at sure, but I just at the end of the day think the Giants actually erred in trading for him, but this is covered up by the fact they did build a team good enough to win two rings. With regards to Julio, I agree if the Falcons don't suffer the worst collapse in SB history, the trade to get him is viewed as an unqualified success. ultimately I'm not saying teams should never trade up in the draft, although I think it should probably happen far less than it does, I'm saying that very often these trades, especially when targeting a "franchise" qb, are made from a calculus whose starting point is not the team's overall best interests, but the personal agendas of a coach or GM. I think this often happens a lot when solid productive veterans are let go because they don't fit a new executive's "system"  /rant Hey coach, wanna show me you're really good at what you do? Fit a system to the proven players you have, rather than screwing your new fans over for a couple of years while they are forced to endure a rebuild in the name of acquiring players to fit "your" system, which then often doesnt work any better than the one the proven vet was playing in before, and he's now being productive for some other team while you wallow in losing or mediocrity, but hey, you've got YOUR system in place, so at least you're happy. Too bad your fans aren't, cause the product on the field sucks.
    • You think the Panthers were the only team taking things like that back then?
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