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Carolina Huddle
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SZ James (banned)

This is pathetic

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I commented on "the point." You wanted me to comment on the "particulars," which are irrelevant. I've stated why, unless you're just too dumb to understand it.


UNC wasn't just hit over "a term paper." My point supersedes yours, therefore, it will not be lowered to a trivial detail. 

you didn't comment on the point you dont know what the point was.Changing the point is not commenting on it . If you are making another point then using my post is irrelevant because it had nothing to do with what you said or wanted to say.That put the dumb ball squarely in your court. if you don't want to address particulars then don't try to answer a post about particulars.


what UNC was "hit over" had nothing to do with my comment  and your response had nothing to do with my comment either.

My point stands independent of yours because it is not about your point.But of course your "supercedes" comment just shows you are not interested in anything but having a conversation with yourself.Good luck with that.

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