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Ghost of Steve Smith

I'm glad this whiny bitch isn't a Panther...

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-Randomly whines about other players, presumably upcoming draft picks, being compared to him.

-Tells a student that his classmates who don't like him are lame.

-Tells a young fan who bought tickets to meet him in New Jersey he's poo out of luck because he's too good to sign autographs outside of Baltimore.

-Gets in a pissing contest with a college student and tells him "hold my dick."

This loud mouth jackass is a 35 year old father now and still has the maturity of a petulant 16 year old boy.

Steve Smith Sr

@89 Steve Smith

I guess is a compliment 2 be compared 2 someone.But I hope all these

SteveSmith's make a name for themselves.Cuz it took me 13yr 2 get mine

3:47pm - 9 Apr 14

Michael Newton


Well damn..apparently people in my class don't like @89SteveSmith as much as me

1:03pm - 8 Apr 14

Steve Smith Sr


@fignewt94 sound like a class of lame o,d

2:28pm - 8 Apr 14

cliff brooks


@89SteveSmith Mr smith are you still going to be in new jersey the 26th for your signing? Cant wait to meet you again..

2:22pm - 8 Apr 14

Steve Smith Sr


@rushandcrush28 ur got to catch me in Bmore.... only doing signing in city with new team #ravennation.... #charmcity

2:28pm - 8 Apr 14



@89SteveSmith if you wanted to be mayor then you would not have shot off fireworks on purpose to piss of your neighboors horses.

4:26pm - 7 Apr 14

Steve Smith Sr


@coriswrasse I guess ur right since I was forth of July. .. get life

5:55pm - 7 Apr 14



@89SteveSmith mayors also know how to talk poo but spell correctly

6:41pm - 7 Apr 14

Steve Smith Sr


@coriswrasse also that was years ago. I guess you still on holding on to that. So here is my reply to u

5:57pm - 7 Apr 14

Steve Smith Sr


@coriswrasse a great man named @DAnderson314 once teach me these great phases. .. "HMD"

5:58pm - 7 Apr 14

Derek Anderson


@89SteveSmith @coriswrasse lol

6:03pm - 7 Apr 14



@DAnderson314 @89SteveSmith @coriswrasse Hold My Dick says google?

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Cut the cord already, you are absolutely beyond obsessed with the guy.

I give you another week before you get banned yet again and have to create a new alt.

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Complete douche. It's unbelievable that this kind of behavior is even tolerated. He should be reprimanded on principle alone. I can not be the only one who feels the same? I hope action is taken immediately.

(Talking about the OP obviously)


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smitty being smitty.


way more pathetic than smitty being smitty: butthurt fans being butthurt.

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is that his real twitter?


if so it's only a matter of time until he gets into it with someone or something happens that's going to be national news


It's real.


One somewhat unfortunate typo I noticed; He captioned a skyline pic as the "view from my widow" :blink:


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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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