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  2. Michael Sam doesn’t count. He was drafted.
  3. I've been wondering why this video is a thing. Sports Bros try so hard to bring everyone down.
  4. Terrace Marshall might end up being better than DJ yeh I said it. Bold claim
  5. The guy started and finished his Buccaneers career with pick sixes EPIC.
  6. Fans don't attend any of the big conferences in any city or own but they are still good for local economirs. There are fan activities and I can't imagine many would go if they could. Like I asked, why woukd anyone not want it here?
  7. David Moore is really good. We're in a perfect position to let Terrace get fully healthy. I'm gonna miss Robby. Hoping David is good enough to keep, and Terrace reaches the high ceiling all the draft scouts were talking about. Our WR group is strong and deep, and I have a sneaky feeling about Shi Smith. It's weird having all this talent and depth at WR and CB. Anyone remember our WR corp that Cam took to the Super Bowl?
  8. One would think the local Charlotte Sports Media would mention him from time to time since (if) he lives here.
  9. I would expose Fast over Bean and I'm not even super thrilled about Bean anymore. But a young, possible offensive Dman is more valuable than a 3rd line wing.
  10. I was basically implying Terrace is #3 and it shouldn’t even be a debate unless he just Dwayne Jarret's it up. (Barf)
  11. The good thing about the combine is that you can compare athletes at the same position doing the same drills in the same place on the same surface at the same time. That can be valuable because there is no change in the testing conditions. What do you do in the NFL combine? Tests/evaluations include: 40-yard dash. Bench press (225 lb repetitions) Vertical jump. Broad jump. 20-yard shuttle. 3 cone drill. 60-yard shutt
  12. It would be good for the Charlotte area and the local sports media would probably be able to do more coverage on the event.
  13. That's a big if. And he will be 29 by the end of the season. https://sportsinjurypredictor.com/player/denzel-perryman/7260
  14. AJ told the media the team wants him at NB this year. Unless something big changes, it seems Djack will mainly play outside.
  15. Im using my "ounce per year uber hot take" for this statement. In 3 years I will bump this thread and OD on pie! If wrong I'll blame neruo 5g vaccine wave dust atoms..... !remindme3years
  16. What’s the point? Fans don’t attend.
  17. Yeah and I meant our #3 WR more so than I mean working out of the slot. Obviously, we all expect DJ and Robby to getting the bulk of the looks, no matter where they line up.
  18. True he wasn't ultra consistent. If he was, we would have had to pay more. That said ... He didn't start until week 6, had 7 games with at least 1 sack (5 as a starter), 3 games with forced fumbles, and 16 qb hits. So he was getting to the QB more than just one game.
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