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  1. We bought in 1% better…you just can’t see it yet.
  2. Wasn’t the argument moving to safety would be better for his career longevity? I don’t buy it, he’s only listed at 5 lbs lighter than Carter. Bulk him up a bit and let him & Shaq roam at LB.
  3. The two teams ahead of us for 6th and 7th spots are division rivals we've already beaten once. Minnesota and Philly have beaten us but lets be real, Philly is likely ending up 6-11. At this point, Minnesota and NO appear to be the only other real threats to make a playoff push. I like our chances with Cam versus anybody else below the top 5 in the NFC.
  4. Doesn't seem like there's much to learn. Defenses started to figure it out by week 4.
  5. Came here to say this. Rhule is the chef. Fitterer is tasked with shopping for the groceries.
  6. It was the ample chest. The hoodie couldn't handle the ample chest. Also, if Rhule thinks other staffs have "done some things they hadn't shown on film"...oh boy just wait.
  7. So we trade him to ourselves for draft picks.
  8. If I understand correctly, after week 3, waiver priority is based on current record/standings. We were 3-2, Ravens 4-1 at the time of his release. So we had to have not put in a waiver claim unless I missed us picking up someone else off waivers. I guess it's some consolation the dude hasn't reported to the Ravens for personal reasons, but I really don't see any reasons why we wouldn't have brought this guy in. Link
  9. Just put JJ Jansen at center to snap the ball at this point. At least he'll be a speed bump instead of a terd on ice skates.
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