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  1. Yeah, we got a top talent. Yet that is not enough for some of these...folks
  2. Pleas quit quoting me. I am done with this silly take of yours. Fields dropped for a reason. Fields went somewhere else. Deal with it.
  3. So...you use " MoveTheSticks", but I can't use 15 guys arguing the draft that were iffy on Fields? Ok then. Once Fields throwing motion made the rounds folks started souring on him. I'm done. You're mad at the QB room. I ain't wasting any more time on this. So sorry we didn't make you happy by taking the 3rd or 4th best QB.
  4. Plenty of folks all over tv today claimed that if Fields drops, it is because of his release motion. It is more than twice as long as Trevor and Wilson. So he was not the overwhelming talent you claim. You don't want anything but QB, how did that work out for you? We got an A+ talent. And it isn't good enough for way too many Huddlers.
  5. If Fields succeeds. We get to hear "I told you so". If he fails, we get to hear "Chicago is where QBs go to die. He deserved better". The "I want a QB crowd" will never let this go.
  6. We get it. We shudda taken a QB. Let's take the 3rd or 4th best QB instead of the best rated CB. Talent wins. We just took a great talent.
  7. Sooo...because you are mad at our QB room, you are mad at the JC pick. Makes perfect sense. Rhule likes Sam, if that works our we are good. If not, we go at it again. We have coaches that can teach. Why not wait until the product is actually on the field before you write it off?
  8. Prove Hendersons' worth. We all know how JC rates. Give us a reason to hate the pick. We'll wait.
  9. Every game for as long as I can remember. JC was a great pickup. We still have 7 picks. I am happy with how this started. Let's hope they can ride the wave all the way to Sunday.
  10. Yeah, take JC was a start. We still have 7 picks. This is going to be guuud. Folks raging like the draft is over, and all we got was JC. Man, I love this joint.
  11. You both have your biases. I respect it. But I don't have the energy to argue your lack of evaluation ability. We needed CB, and we got one of the best. Sorry you cannot be happy.
  12. How many of his games did you actually watch last year? JC is a top rated CB. We needed one, we got one. Yea us.
  13. The QB folks are mad we didn't take a QB. The OT folks are mad we didn't take an OT. The rest of us are happy we got one of the best CB on the board. At a position, in our Division, of extreme need. But man, this thread was gold. Gold I tell ya.
  14. Dude, your reaction is typical Clempsun bs. Just because JC played at USC you claim he is not any good. He was the highest rated CB coming in. Just go with it, and maybe do some homework. And not go off your bias.
  15. Rage? Any number of stupid things could make me rage. But quit? I have way to much invested in this here bi... to actually quit.
  16. If everyone agreed up in here, it wouldn't be nearly as much fun. There is just something about folks blaming that WFT win for us not getting a premo pick that gets to me. To me, one win here or there is not going to change our franchises trajectory much. If at all. I guess after 70 years of marriage, I am picky upon which hill I wish to die. And a meaningless win late in the year is not much of a hill to me.
  17. What did we lose? We are picking at 8. We are going to get a really good player. Treating the win at WFT like it cost us a generational type player is funny to me. We are not going to fall off the end of the world picking at 8 instead of 4.
  18. What about that LIon win? That made us 4-7. We were out of it by then. Why is it always the WFT win? Recency bias. It was our last win. So it was a stupid win.
  19. How come nobody complains about that pesky 3 game win streak when they harp on that WFT win? Are they somehow different?
  20. I have never put anyone on ignore. I grew up believing that everyone has a voice. No matter how stupid it may be. I am stocked and ready to go. I just can't decide when to start. Start too early, and I can sound like any other idiot. Start too late, and I won't have nearly as much fun. Decisions, decisions.
  21. Not going to lie. It will be bad at 8. But man, if we trade down, the drunken raves will be epic by the time we pick. Just glad I have no life, cuz I wouldn't miss tonight for nothing.
  22. Yea, abysmal may have been a tad harsh. How about extremely frustrating? I would think that if we pass on Fields, Sewel, or Slater at 8, then it is probably a CB at say 15ish. Then LT at 39. Not saying that is what I want, cuz normally I don't get what I want. But this may be how things work out. Normally I would go ahead and take the QB, or franchise type LT at 8. But this year is different. I may just go with the trade back and grab more assets. Unless they some how mess this up. Then it wasn't my idea.
  23. Horn, Sertain, Sewel, and Slater have the best shot at succeeding. However, there are others who have a chance as well. Just a longer shot to do so. If you can get one of those 4, you good. For me it is trade back for Horn, and then LT. I should hope to come out of that with 2 top shelf starters. And still have draft capital to still make some noise.
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