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  1. 12 minutes ago, kungfoodude said:

    Might be asking a lot of a late round rookie to start at LG right away. I would say don't overlook some of the vets like Michael Jordan or Pat Elflein. I think those two guard spots aren't exactly locked in. 

    Well, they shouldn't be anyway. I definitely don't want a replay of 2021 where we see spots basically gifted to the overpaid FA scrubs we signed.


    Jordan should be gone. Let's get that out of the way right off the bat. Elfien is good depth, which is fine.


    As for Mays? Starting LG in the SEC, with the attitude to match. Put him and Icky together, and let them grow together for the next 2 decades.


    The ONLY spot on the Oline open for competition? LG. And we have Mays, Brady, and maybe even Brown to work into that spot.


    Our line is going to be much improved, an actual strength.


    A little bit of tweaking, and a little bit of luck. And this roster will be solid. And YOUNG


  2. Just now, Smithers said:

    Bozeman can play guard at a high level.  Might not be crazy to think that Bozeman is our LG and BC is our C.  Lots of options 


    Using the SWAG method. I foresee our starting Oline thusly.








    Let these guys work, and let Brady be first off the bench.

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  3. 2 minutes ago, DaveThePanther2008 said:

    Kind of reminds me about KK Short.  Is he even in the league anymore.  I remember his rookie season when he was toe to toe in stats with Aaron Donald.  He got his big paycheck and disappeared. 


    TBF, injuries had a big part of why KK is no longer here.

  4. 11 minutes ago, kungfoodude said:

    Oh boy.....I think we better not start counting those chickens yet.

    I remember boatloads of Huddlers trying to justify why Cam Erving and Pat Elflein were good signings. That was a fuging disaster.


    I think, that is if you don't mind. I am going to rate Bozeman, and Corbet way better signings than the 2 from last year. Throw in Mays. And we have the makings of a really good Oline. 


    This Oline, and the roster as a whole. Is much better than is was just 2 short years ago.

  5. 3 minutes ago, ForJimmy said:

    He went from the 2nd graded player on our OL to possibly our best backup/depth.  It shows how much we have put into getting this OL better.


    Man, they put in the work this offseason. And it shows. This roster is as good as we have had in a long while. If we can get solid QB play? We can be on our way.

  6. 7 minutes ago, Carl Spackler said:

    I can't explain this any clearer:

    1) I responded to someone else.

    2) You quoted that response.

    3) I replied to what you sent me.

    4) You said "well you're the one who quoted me..."

    Just take your L and move on.


    If that response was not about me. I apologize.


    If however, that response was aimed at me...


    You were talking about me, without actually talking to me.  Bush League.

  7. 15 minutes ago, pantherclaw said:

    News Flash. 

    Robbie has never been apart of OTA'S. 

    Not as a Panther. 


    I realize that OTAs are voluntary. But football is a team game. I can't be sure he even cares about his teammates. With how this plays out, and looks. He just comes off as stand-off-ish.

  8. 1 minute ago, DaveThePanther2008 said:

    For me, Robbie missing OTAs is not acceptable.  We have a new system and a struggling QB and a rookie QB.  He's the oldest WR veteran we have.  He should be setting the example.

    I know OTAs are not mandatory but he should be the 1st WR out the door for these younger WRs.

    Just my opinion though. 


    Solid take. He should be here, but he's not. IMO, not a good look. Especially, like you said. This is a very important year. A lot of NEW this year. He should be here soaking it up, and assisting the kids. 



  9. 31 minutes ago, Carl Spackler said:

    He doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing, and he never has. He’ll quote me on this and then talk poo that I responded. Biggest fuging clown on here. Dude thinks he’s got the upper hand when he’s gonna go down in history as a Robbie Anderson apologist, among numerous other embarrassments. 


    You truly have no clue do you? lol 

  10. 28 minutes ago, Carl Spackler said:

    Hold on a minute. You quoted me, and I replied to you, and you’re calling me out for quoting you?

    Do you ever realize how stupid you are?


    Ah, the ol "nahuh, it wasn't me" argument. lol


    I showed you where you quoted me on page 3. If you are trying to be obtuse, you succeeded. If you think you are actually right? You failed.


    Name calling. The bastion of the unenlightened.



  11. 48 minutes ago, thefuzz said:

    He's a little tall for that position, but man, it just didn't look to me that he had the lower body to be a Guard..again, maybe I'm wrong.  And I agree, if you can play, you can play.

    He is 3" taller than Ryan Kalil, but almost the same weight when rookies.


    Well if there ever was a time to try stuff out. Now is it.

  12. 1 hour ago, Carl Spackler said:

    He never lets the truth get in the way of his BS.


    Here you are quoting me. On page 3.


    15 minutes ago, Carl Spackler said:


    And here you are denying said fact. One page later. Is your memory shot that badly?


    "I'm done with this one."

  13. 18 minutes ago, Brooklyn 3.0 said:

    Is hubby1 related to Robbie?

    The dude underperformed, just like Sam. The Huddle gets on a player's case (except for one) if he underperforms. Not sure what the problem is here.


    See, this is the Huddle in a nutshell. All I said was that Robbie didn't lead the league in drops. (As someone else had said)


    And It has morphed into this. 


    Not one of you even asked my opinion of Robbie.


    Same with Sam. I am a supposed Sam lover. Yet not one person actually asked my opinion on him.


    Perception, not a Huddle strong suit.



  14. 5 minutes ago, thefuzz said:

    Thought the same thing.  I'd rather him play T or C over G...but that's just me.


    Although, I will say, his size may not be ideal for Center. He is a rather large man. Usually your C is more squat. Better for leverage. 


    But, I am a firm believer in the old adage; "If you can play. You can play."

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  15. 1 minute ago, Luciu5 said:

    I like optimism, but man your use of stats is garbage. You can't compare the number of seeds in a whole apple to the number of seeds in half an apple. I don't think anyone is so tied up on the specific number of drops as your are.

    Here's some real numbers. RA had 6.4 drop percent. #40 in the NFL. #16 amongst wide receivers. Other notable names higher than Anderson include Kelce, Chase, Hooper, Kamara, Lamb, Deebo Samuel.

    Also, I'm seeing 10 drops total from DJ Moore; Keenan Allen with 8. So obviously stats are coming from different sources and there is apparently variances on how these stats are determined.

    I have no idea which site is most accurate, but from my perspective, Robbie Anderson had the highest drop rate of any WR on our team who had significant targets. Thomas and Hubbard had some targets and even worse drop rates, by far.


    Folks can make stats say anything they want. I provided a stat that showed total Drops. It is not drops on a Sunday. It's not drop %. It is total drops.


    I provided the stat. It is not my job to make folks agree with it. It is just a stat.


    Is the Robbie hate so bad that a stat that doesn't show him as the worst, gets this type of attention?


    Damm, you folks are true sticklers when it suits you.

  16. 13 minutes ago, rayzor said:

    he's earned it. he's just not cut out for the pressure.


    Oh come on. Making any type of definitive statement, over 2 15sec clips?


    I mean, Sam dropped a ball as he was playing with it. And somehow it has turned into all this? I would hazzard a guess that Sam is not the first QB to mishandle a football while playing around. 


    There is enough evidence of Sam's inadequacies. There is no reason to fabricate negativity, out of nothing,

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