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  1. 24 minutes ago, RumHam said:

    If we poo the bed today and could dig us into a deeper grave with watson. Need and want this W bc fug failcons. But darnold throws three picks at home against a shitty defense, watch him throw away our next three drafts and the young defensive core


    Ok, I gotta ask. What the heck does this mean? If we lose this game and our whole future is messed up? That my little friend is what we call an overreaction.


    Edit to add; Nevermind, it's Sunday, I forgot where I was for a moment there.

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  2. 2 hours ago, stbugs said:

    Bouye isn’t long term talent. Right now we’ve got Horn, CJ, Hartsfield (played well at slot) and Taylor as the future. Bouye isn’t the future and to be honest a high priced Donte doesn’t look to be either. If you sign Donte, then we wasted what will be an early 3rd (great for C/G) for nothing.

    We aren’t playoff bound this year so get what you can since we’ve got no day 2 picks which is bad for bolstering this piss poor OL.


    Not sure why you quoted me? 


    We were talking about Burns, and Chinn primarily. Or at least that's what I was referring to. You cannot lose your to shelf talent.


    Donte could price himself off the team. And we aren't trading CMC. Almost anyone else is on the table.

  3. 1 minute ago, frankw said:

    You are absurdly sensitive. CMC can't stay healthy. It's only a matter of time before the team faces options as they become more desperate for a quality quarterback. If this discussion cuts you that deep it may be best to avert your eyes.


    So...that's a no on not caring about insulting some Huddlers.

  4. 1 minute ago, ForJimmy said:

    Correct, but he has the final call. He may want to hire some scouts/evaluators that are better at evaluating QBs and listen to them. It’s a tough thing to do, but the Teddy and Darnold blunders were kind of obvious to a lot of people with no back up plans and a lot of money vested. 


    Yeah, that's pretty much the party line.

  5. 1 minute ago, ForJimmy said:

    I mean I’m over here watching Coastal Carolina, Liberty, Pitt, UNC, NDSU, Wyoming and Nevada recruit and develop QBs that could be or have been early draft picks. He has had 0 success with 2 blunders in 2 years in the NFL. I’m not saying he is a bad coach, he just needs to let someone else evaluate the QB position. 


    Oh come on. This is getting out of control. Rhule has a scouting staff, he has College evaluators, he has experts helping him. To think Rhule is the only  one with input on these things is naive at best.

  6. 3 minutes ago, TLGPanthersFan said:

    The proof is in the pudding. Darnold and Bridgewater were both Rhule endorsed. Fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me. 
    So no it isn’t too early to speculate if Rhule is bad at evaluating QBs. 


    Why? Because some Huddlers say so. He has made 2 calculated risks. There is no evidence whatsoever that he cannot evaluate QBs. Because he hasn't had to yet.


    If Teddy had  balls, he might still be here. Sam was a top 3 prospect, it was worth the throw of the dice.


    That said. I am wondering, if Sam doesn't work, where our next QB will come from?


    Maybe we can wait and see how this all works out.

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  7. 36 minutes ago, ForJimmy said:

    His college QBs were nothing special and he is 0-2 picking at picking NFL ones. I’d rather let someone different have some input. Judging by Tepper inquiring about Watson, I’d say he is about over Rhule evaluating QBs as well… 


    Yeah, it's so easy to get top QBs to go to a rebuilding Temple, or Baylor. Those kids want tv games. Something that Rhule couldn't guarantee.


    As for the rest? Not sure how to respond. You've pretty  much shut the door on any discussion.

  8. Just now, Pantherxtreme said:

    The most important place we need to add talent is at the QB position. 

    Can't believe you guys are in here comparing Sam Darnold to Dak Prescott.

    How many games did Dallas win last season after Daks injury? Oh but it's the system and Oline there, yea right. 


    I did not make that comparison. But I defended his willingness to put it out there. 


    Rhule wanted to jump start the culture. So he went with established QBs. It seems to not have worked. But it was a calculated risk.


    No need to get snarky.

  9. 3 minutes ago, Pantherxtreme said:

    We won 5 games last season with lesser talent and played one fewer game. 

    How could 5 wins possibly be an improvement.

    The reality of the matter is the defense has improved  but the offense and special teams are going in reverse. 

    The offense is especially concerning because this coaching staff decided to put all of their chips in with Sam, and neither his past performance with his former team nor his play this season shows any merits for making that decision. 



    Using a win loss record to judge a rebuild is fools gold. We have more talent than last year. If we continue to add talent, the wins will come. Have some patience.

  10. 15 minutes ago, TheSpecialJuan said:

    Understandable Fitterer would want significant compensation. Bouye had been an excellent free agent acquisition and has a favorable contract (signed 2yr $7 million deal in April) 


    He came in and took over that DB room right away. Both DJ, and AJ paid him numerous compliments early on. The guy fits right in.

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  11. 3 minutes ago, ForJimmy said:

    I’m not as concerned about Rhule as I am Brady and our QB situation. Brady is clearly not ready and Burrow, Chase, Jefferson, and Marshall made him look better than he is. Rhule needs to hire a seasoned OC and let him have a big input on their next QB because he isn’t good at evaluating them.


    You had me until that bolded part. You  are speculating big time. It is way too early to make that determination.

  12. 3 minutes ago, JawnyBlaze said:

    Sacks aren’t the definitive stat for NTs. They’re not the end all be all qualifier for defensive linemen, not even DEs. They’re more important for DEs, but not the whole story. 


    I believe too many folks are caught up in the "If you aren't making highlight reel plays on instant repays, or ESPN highlights. You're not doing your job" mentality.

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