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  1. Vs N Iowa - the scoop off the carpet while running, being able to stay upright and continue running for TD was a pretty nice play. I think you need to consider the competition though in all of this. They teams NDSU played weren't exactly SEC caliber.
  2. Foles in all likelihood is going to be waiting for a training camp or preseason injury to a starter to sign.
  3. And furthermore, if they are a draft and develope organization, they wouldn't have been trading away picks for vet players that we keep for 1 year and leave or exhibit problems on other teams.
  4. They can say that all they want. The jury is still out on the development part.
  5. I came back to the forum to just. . ."LMAO". Rhule to Fits: "PLEASE Fits, PLEASE!!!! Let me pick one."
  6. Draft Strong at 242. Then I say yes.
  7. Well, 199 is coming up. The Tom Brady draft number. Personally I wouldn't mind taking another QB with the thought of possibly parting ways with PJ Walker. Carson Strong NV maybe? At least at 242. What do we have to lose?
  8. You mean the guy that habitually over-threw his receivers and didn't know how to slide (or wouldn't) sacrificing his body and career? The guy that would throw a towel over his head and mope in despair on the bench when facing adversity? Sounds like a great idea for someone that suffers from depression and alcoholism. No thank you. I don't want Sideshow Bob and his wardrobe anywhere near this kid.
  9. Was really hoping we'd get back to a traditional style QB and not go down the RPO path again. Oh well, Matt is a Panther. I'll give him a chance. Couldn't be much worse at this point.
  10. OMG you people and Willis. SMDH. Willis may go in the 1st but he's not a 1st.
  11. Opposite actually and I called it. If they took a tackle at 5, somebody could have traded into our spot and taken their DE.
  12. The Make-A-Wish heart transplant kid better settle down or he's going to blow out that heart. Lol
  13. Well will have the choice of the 3 tackles. NYG will take other of the 2 at 7.
  14. Well that just blew every mock draft. LMAO
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