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  1. Take a "sure thing" rookie QB and put him behind a line like ours and you could ruin him for the rest of his career. Get the damn O-line at least halfway fixed before getting your franchise rookie QB.
  2. I think we can give whoever our 4th and 5th this year and next year 2nd to take Sam and his contract. . . Maybe. . . please?
  3. Do you get the sense that Tampa Bay wants to pile on?
  4. Are you freakin' kidding me. I'd say from the look on Sam's face he wishes TB had just run the clock out.
  5. turn out the lights, the parties over (Note to self: When at the Navajo casino bar don't say to the bartender, "Hey Chief, can I have another?"
  6. . . .so, that was a pretty sweet 1st quarter, aye? *Eye roll*
  7. Boy we could see that screen setting up to Bell a mile away. We, the Huddle, not we the DC and players.
  8. Of course Tampa is smart with their timeouts and saves them for crunch time 2 minute drive. We use ours all willie nillie.
  9. Way overthrew Hubbard. At least it wasn't Sam.
  10. What have I missed? The gal sitting next to me in the Casino bar has been distracting me.
  11. I don't have sound on my feed. What the hell was that 2nd time out about?
  12. How was that hit not a penalty on Sam's slide!?!?
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