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  1. Maybe they feel they've seen everything they need to see from Stroud and are only going to Young's to see if he can change their minds.
  2. Richardson has the highest ceiling of the 4 and if our coaching staff is who we think they are they should be able to coach up any of his deficiencies. And it's not "who I want" but what I want. I want our picks back that we traded.
  3. So far this off season the only mistake I've seen made is giving up too much draft capital. I don't care if it works out. Even the guy that buys a lottery ticket and wins is foolish in the act.
  4. I don't care what the schedule is as long as they don't make the Tennessee game out of the country. My wife and I are planning a vacation to Nashville around that away game.
  5. Thank God. Been waiting for that since noon. I might sleep well tonight.
  6. I was reading this morning one of the pundits (I forget which) suggested he goes to the Raiders for a 4th.
  7. All this talk about the Bucs in line to have the #1 pick next year, nawwwwwww. We're going to have the #1 pick next year. . .wait. . .doh. Bears be laughing all the way to the bank. (Not a reflection on what I think of my team. . .more of a reflection of my luck as of late).
  8. Does anyone know. . .does losing DJ to Chicago make us eligible for a compensatory pick at some point or the fact it was a trade screw us out of that?
  9. IDK who's drafted #1. I have a gut feeling AR will be the best of the 4 down the road though. Maybe not this year or next but when looking back in 10 years I just have that feeling.
  10. His "lack of production" was because he primarily was used as a blocking TE and 2 other TEs on the team were used for receiving instead. Still leaves a question mark. (Those other TEs will be beasts in the NFL when they come out).
  11. I hate this and I can totally see it happening. We've put together an outstanding coaching staff but are going to squander it by mortgaging our future paying way to much to move up for a less than elite prospect. It's going to happen.
  12. This all but guarantees we take a QB in the 1st round I think. The question now is who will be our veteran bridge presence? I'm in no way comfortable with the fleece day our trade partner is going to have. We're going to give up way too much to get our QB. I was happy take a chance to wait and draft Hooker late in the 2nd if we got Carr.
  13. Carr is in no way plan B. He will either be the plan or not. By the draft he will already have a home so there's no way to fall back to him.
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