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  1. Why can't our receivers make circus catches like that?
  2. Why the fug are they bringing Hubbard out on those 4th and shorts!?!?!?
  3. Or running defense couldn't stop a bloody nose which is what the Saints are giving them right now.
  4. I like that we came out after that injury and took a couple shots down field even though they were incomplete.
  5. I'm still fuming over that call. We were robbed on that call. Mingo came down with that clean on his elbows. The subsequent TD by the Bucs makes it even worse.
  6. Does anyone have even a thread of optimism for our team going into this game now that Frank Lee Predictable is gone?
  7. The coin toss was great. Titans brought a "make a wish" . . .we brought Young. Lol
  8. We've arrived. Section 312 row Y seats 15 and 16.
  9. An excuse to visit Nashville several years in the making. Bought the tickets long before I knew it was going to be such a disaster.
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