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  1. Yeah, I had heard that and would have stayed away. I'm a truck driver from SC and was driving through Spokane when I started having complications from another procedure I had last week. Have some internal bleeding of which they can't find the source. They already did surgery yesterday but it didn't work. So yeah, trying to figure out how to see my Panthers. You know, priorities.
  2. I would normally be bellied up at some sports bar to watch the game but because of a medical emergency I'm in a hospital in Spokane for a second night. Not sure how I'm going to see the game but the food is actually good here. This is just one page of a 4 page menu. Trying to make up my mind now.
  3. Whoa. . .tap them brakes Big Al. Let's not get ahead of ourselves. One game at a time. But it is going to be nice to have a few extra days to prepare for the Cowpokes.
  4. Holy Pooh. I forgot we had him. Bwahahahaha And our rookies will only get better. This could be a historically epic defense.
  5. We must not be watching the same game/team.
  6. Bears Colts Dolphins Texans If any of the injuries are significant enough who does Cam get a call from?
  7. Saints have the momentum now. We need our 1st half defense back now!
  8. It was 4th and a short one to begin with before the penalty and Saints were desperate to get some momentum.
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