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  1. I'm Sewell all the way at 8. We must not neglect the protection of our QB regardless of who it is like we have for so many years. If he's gone and we can trade back do it. 8 is too high for Slater or Darrisaw. Fall back, get more picks and take the best OL available. I'm totally ok with doubling up on OL in the draft too. Then best CB/TE after that. Pitts is a luxury pick that does nothing for us if our QB is on his back.
  2. Not even considering a QB in the 1st or where we're at in the 2nd. Remember I said ride with Bridgewater. If we traded down out of our spot and got another bottom 2nd or top 3rd round I'd consider Trask.
  3. I get that. I guess what I'm trying to say is I would value Sewell before any QBs left after Lawrence or Wilson. In fact, I'd take him where we stand now before them. Personally I'd rather trade back a couple times in the 1st and stockpile picks for this year and next and ride with Bridgewater. Too many holes to fill. I wonder what we could get from New England to move up into our spot? Then see if Jacksonville would trade up from the top of the 2nd to 15.
  4. I wouldn't move up to pick 4 for any of the QBs other than Lawerence or Wilson. I would move up for Sewell.
  5. By this time in September we'll be 0-3 in preseason and be needing 2 free beers to cry in.
  6. We were so spoiled by having Wesley Walls and Greg Olsen over the years. Hard to live up to those type of expectations.
  7. Saw him and Elton John on their 1995 Face to Face Tour in Clemson. Awesome concert. I would love to go to that concert next year. He's one of my favorite recording artist.
  8. Well there goes all the tag and trade talk for Samuel as a tool to land Watson.
  9. Half y'all are gonna laugh and the other half cry when this quarterback carousel and draft all comes to an end and ole Brees is walking out onto the BOA field wearing the Black and Blue. Hahahaha!!!!
  10. Forget how many prime time games would come with Watson at QB. The better question is how many prime free agents come with Watson at QB? If you're a top free agent, would you rather come here and play with TB or Watson?
  11. I actually proposed this last year after the season ended. It should have been done when we had a chance to really cash in with a slew of picks over a few years. It would have set us up well with draft capital to do what we needed to do in this year's draft.
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