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  1. Wtf why? If you were poor and at one point had to sleep on your friends couch with only a dream of playing in the NFL you wouldn't try to capitalize on your value when it's at its highest it ever will be? I have to question your sanity or atleast your realistic expectation of how these things go down.
  2. So your telling me I can rip off this same storyline and have it be universally loved? Sign me up. Book coming out soon
  3. Game is going as good as anyone could have hoped for but let's close this one out boys!
  4. Anyone else notice how he wouldn't answer if he thought getting the tag would be disrespectful in his eyes. Pretty much confirmed that it would be.
  5. Russell threw 4 ints and they still won in the luckiest fashion possible. What world do you live in?
  6. When has cam ever fumbled a snap that goes back 20 yards picks it up then chucks it up on a broken play into the goal line? Think back to the NFC championship game that Seattle had lost until the packer lets the onside kick slide right through his hands. poo happens at "just the right time" for them.
  7. Seattle is by far the luckiest team in the league
  8. Some things I've noticed from the first half. ARI run defense is weak. ARI run offense is stoppable. Our team doesn't have poor tackling like the Vikings. ARI oline will give up sacks to our front four. Feeling a whole lot better about these "amazing" Cardinals I keep hearing about. It's funny, we started the season undefeated, then week after week we kept hearing "oh this will be the game Carolina drops, they are due for a loss, they are pretenders" yet week after week we keep winning. And then after that we see from other fans "they are still weak, one and done in the playoffs, will get knocked off by SEA or ARI" thats what other fans have to resort to now. Praying other teams beat us because theirs couldn't. At what point do these fans/teams take a step back and FINALLY come to the logical conclusion that these panthers are for real? We are going to get up in your face, we are going to run on you, we are going to score, and we are going to stop you on defense. 15 regular season wins in a row. That's no joke, that's no mistake. That's when skill meets the best week in week out preparation from a team that is playing like a family. Can't wait to hear more crying fans during the playoffs.
  9. They are a really good band. They have a unique sound but have definitely been influenced by the Beatles, U2, and bands like that. The scientist, viva la vida, yellow, and speed of sound are some tracks you should take a listen to
  10. We didn't win pretty but that was a tough game. By no means an easy win. glad we came out with the W. Cam was so clutch in this game. Ted Ginn was exactly who we knew him to be. Falcons at home should be an easier win.
  11. That's not fair, we have a squad fuller of killers. Luke, TD, Norman, Short, CJ, Stew, Olsen, Kalil, All these guys are playing at the top of their positions respectively. Saying Cam is the whole team is discrediting a lot of people. The team knows this is a team sport and are playing for eachother. We as fans should take notice and feel the same. They all do their jobs and they all deserve recognition
  12. Allen Robinson and Allen hurns are better than any receiver on the redskins. Randall Cobb and Adams are better than these redskins receivers. You are on crack kid. poo the bucs have a better receiving corps than the skins. The redskins run the ball. They don't light you up over the air. This is their best receivers second game of the season. They aren't dangerous at all and not even close to being the most dangerous. You got caught in hyperbole. Just admit you were wrong and move on.
  13. Jags colts and packers have a better corps than these bums. I'm sure what game you are watching but it clearly isn't the game that's on tv.
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