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  1. :poo:

    1. Daddy_Uncle


      It's a poop party. I love poop parties. All in good fun friend

  2. Hey someone keeps deleting my post , y’all don’t like the 1st Amendment?

  3. Do you have Paypal

    1. Ricky Spanish
    2. Ace_Aladdin


      I do as well , what's your info 

  4. 22 + is little excessive




  5. Look here asshole stop spreading false information. 

  6. Do you have the video of Daryl Williams bending CJ backwards in training camp?

  7. Hey  I know we have our disagreement , but who do you think Panthers are taking in the 1st round ?

    What player  do you want to pick at 8 if he is available?

    1. Mr. Scot

      Mr. Scot

      Way too early to judge.

      There's still the combine and free agency to go through before anything solid can be nailed down.

    2. Ace_Aladdin


      I understand, but who is your favorite prospect?

      Mine is Fournette/ OJ Howard 

    3. Mr. Scot

      Mr. Scot

      Haven't decided.

      Lots of guys I like.

  8. Good post, need more threads like this. 

  9. no more crying jordan?

    1. Icege


      Waiting for the draft to update this one to be crying jordan'd! LOL

      Was considering a KO'd Rousey face :3

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