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  1. Sick of this poo game management year in and year out.
  2. That was LOSER mentality. Jesus go for it and put this game away. Where are these analytics tepper keeps preaching? Another game we’ve dominated and just one score by the other team and your on the verge of blowing it smh.
  3. Sheesh what’s the plan at TE? Arnold has been our best chain mover besides DJ. It was nice to have a tight end getting wide open again.
  4. I'm in Winston and it's blacked out on NFLN and CBS doesn't have it. WTF!??
  5. Is there no longer a place for Huddlers to sell tix to each other? I’m looking to sell 4 of my games to someone. Two tickets in 536 row 15. Week 5 vs Eagles Week 6 vs Vikings Week 11 vs Redskins Week 14 vs Falcons
  6. Luckily my parents still have direct tv. I was able to get the game on my roku with the fox sports go app after I logged in with their login.
  7. I’m sorry if this has been asked a ton, but I’ve been away from the board for a long time and I didn’t see any threads on the main page. Can someone please give me the scoop on how to watch the games if you have YouTube tv?
  8. Sheesh. Gman should go on the exempt list for that outfit.
  9. My initial thought is that it's very surprising to me you think Kyle Love doesn't get a spot. I thought he played very well against the run last year. Considering we have the luxury of moving KK to the outside for a snap here and there I think big Dave would be more likely to keep 5 DTs than 5 DEs. If Delaire proves to be a true asset in camp I think it's time for Wes Horton to go. I was also surprised, to a lesser extent, about not seeing Robert McClain on this list. I thought he played well for us down the stretch and he has true NFL playoff experience now. With that said, I know zero about Lou Young. How does his speed and athleticism compare to Bene and co?
  10. IMO if we get to the bye week 6-0 I'm thinking 14-2. 13-3 if we head into the bye week 5-1. 12-4 is the worst case scenario if the ball just really doesn't bounce our way in tight games. If the ball does bounce our way and we slip out of @ New Orleans, @ Oakland, and @ Seattle with Ws then 16-0 is a real possibility. Our boys will be motivated to finish it off this time. Everybody keeps talking about the back-to-back west coast trips with fear similar to our 4 game October stretch last year. I'm really not worried about it. The Oakland game is coming off a long week after TNF. That's essentially a 2nd bye before our most crucial stretch and we should have extra preparation for them. And I don't see us having any difficulties at all getting hyped for a game against Seattle on prime time. We really don't like them.
  11. I'm in love with the Panthers. Pretty much obsessed. I've got a mean stink eye to hit Russell Wilson with on the field pregame.
  12. Geez I just hope Antonio Brown can return to his normal form of dominance. After taking a hit like this I would not fault someone one bit if their willingness to play football faded. I'm sure he will hear concerns from many family members and friends. Just like the odell hit, this blow to the head could've killed him.
  13. Carolina is a pick 'em for every quarter. Got $100 on each of Panthers -4, 1st Half -3, 1Q, 2Q, and 3Q pick 'ems. C'mon Panthers!!! 14-0 and you pay for my playoff tickets today!
  14. They've got a few people over there who are being realists.
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