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  1. Yeah the Denver market is pretty stupid right now. I just pulled a re-fi on the house I bought 2 years ago and the mortgage company didnt even want an appraisal when I claimed the house was worth 80k more than what we paid.
  2. NBN was so much more than OPP Always loved Ice-T. Hell this was the album that got me listening to Hip Hop And Disposable Heros of Hiphopricy were ridiculously underrated and although its got nothing to do with the point of this thread Micheal Franti (Disposable Heros) is just a bad ass
  3. I had saved a link to a post of his where he was bragging about his generator powered A/C, watching Netflix, and spending his relief money on Amazon while people were suffering in the Superdome but it no longer works. He is still the only person Ive ever encountered online that I legit want to suffer real world bodily harm
  4. Six Feet Under absolutely NAILED the ending.
  5. And I cant belive I left PE out of my OP but damn...
  6. I miss MCs dropping poo like KRSOne
  7. Just finished Ep10 of season 5 Damn I love this show!
  8. Machine Gun Kelly is a James Taylor song to me Ill have to listen to some MGK but I couldnt resist
  9. And this will forever be the old timers inside joke
  10. Pretty sure @Squirrel and I were on a winning Survivor team with @Go To Girl and @Monkeybutt (again Im shocked that those are still valid usernames)
  11. For me that would have been back before the '04 draft Yeah that means Ive been around for 16ish years and you wasted at least that much time here too
  12. Who else remembers the "just hit somebody" thing for Chad Cota? I cant find anything on Google but Chad and that phrase are a strong association for me.
  13. Been thinking about making this thread for a while now. I got introduced to Hip Hop in about '90 and thought Rap of that time was awesome because it was the first Hip Hop I embraced but I now know it was the second half of what is known as the Golden Age of Hip Hop. Change my opinion that this was the height of Hip Hop and the greatest rap feud of all time
  14. There is already one of those in the NFL
  15. Was going to ask for a show of hands for those who remember playing or were just around for Huddle Survivor. Or those that remember the pre Cease and Desist days. @NanceUSMC (shocked that that's still a valid username) brought me here as the Observer forums were collapsing with his pre draft write ups. Got here to find this place was more an extension of a tailgate crew than anything. The first couple of Toys for Tots drives were epic.
  16. Im trying to balance what I say here. I dont want say I regret getting married Ive been married for almost 34 years now and have been friends with her for another 5ish years. Ive know this woman for more than 2/3s of my life going back to before either of us could legally drive. We've had lots of great times and a whole lot fewer bad. Raised a family I'm proud of with remarkably little drama. All in all I have nothing to complain about with this relationship. Sitting here today though I dont know that I would go back and make the same choices.
  17. Ha! Fair enough. If I knew then what I know now, I wouldn't have gotten married and I'd never live with someone again. That said I wouldn't trade the time with my wife for anything
  18. Ive said for too many years. Love my wife. Wouldn't trade her for anything. Wouldn't do it again to save my life. Glad you're happy but FML why would you let someone get in your space again?
  19. Clear your schedule, take PTO, pause your life and watch all of this until your caught up. One of my favorite novel series and far and away the best Sci-Fi on TV.
  20. There is absolutely no excuse for school boards or even state DoE not having deals to use the remote proctoring platforms that organizations like Pearson, Prometric, Alpine, PSI, Question Mark, and a host of other exam vendors have developed. Maybe not for daily math quiz's or unit tests but at the very least for mid-terms and EOGs. Im a little surprised to hear that the platforms they are using for classes dont have that built in.
  21. Heard recently Alexi died. Fell into a pit of CoB tunes
  22. I wanted to give it another spin before I responded but in a word Hell yeah! TLDR for what follows: Im super happy with the evolution of Akerfeldt's music In fairness though Im a dyed in the wool prog soul. I mean the first albums I remember putting on were dads copies of Moody Blues A Question of Balance and ELP's Brain Salad Surgery. There were others of course Jimi, Steppenwolf, and oddly enough Jesus Christ Superstar but for this response the prog stuff is most important. In my teen year when I needed to put my own mark on my taste it was Fates Warning, Que
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