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    Star Citizen

    Any other masochists out there playing this? Yeah its still "alpha" Yeah it takes a pretty up to date machine to run it Even so its pretty amazing in its attention to detail and playability.
  2. At this point Im hoping for whatever outcome increases the salt level of this forum. Im hoping to see the salt singularity.
  3. Watching Strange New Worlds and really liking Pike really elevating him to my second favorite captain behind Jean Luc this Spock is poo
  4. But he doesn't listen to us. He listens to the ch-ching of the registers at the concession stands and the ch-ching of the jersey sales, and the ch-ching of the TV contracts. That's it Yet another Tepper Sucks thread is no more important to him than if it were drawn in chalk on the sidewalk in front of my house. And is nowhere near the same universe as a local op-ed that he probable cares less about than what he had for breakfast. As for the posters here... When it comes to the nuts and bolts of the game I learn a lot and I appriciate the time and effort people put into their posts. But yeah this thread isnt beating the dead horse. Its beating the ground where the horse rotted away
  5. So then vote with the only things that matter. Your wallet and your time. Quit going to/watching games. quit buying merchandise, and quit supporting the team by participating on line. Posting yet another "Tepper Sucks" post here does nothing but feed the Q-Rating monster fed by google analytics and ad sense that serve as a positive metric bolstering the importance and relevance of the Panthers brand. It also suggests that you have so little else going on that you, despite the misery it brings you, continue to visit a site devoted to his team almost daily. Dont accept mediocity But dont pretend that yelling into the void here has even the slightest impact on anything beyond your internet points.
  6. It’s just a different version of the “OMFG Tepper is tha debil” tripe that’s been posted ad nauseum
  7. The TB is only a cesspool because the mods move this poo there instead of just deleting it.
  8. Quite literally used a C64, an acoustic coupler, and a bit of social engineering to access the local PDs computer system back in the day. Never got deep enough to do anything like changing someones record but I called it my first hack none the less.
  9. All of the devs I know have a laptop for going to client sites but they all work from PCs. I mean who wants to push a laptop to run multiple instances of visual studio, database management tools, a local web server and all of the supporting tools to do full stack work? All on a 15" screen (17 if you really went all in). Can it be done? Sure, but FML who wants to?
  10. In my case I do actually ply my trade on that. I also spend an unhealthy amount of time on the huddle with a completely overpowered computer
  11. AMD Ryzen 7 5700G 64GB GeForce RTX 2080 Super
  12. This is Denver and not Charlotte but... House in the neighborhood with the same floor plan and a slightly bigger yard hit the market 3 weeks ago for 230K over what we paid. Closed at 140k over list in 10 days. That's getting in the range of 2x for us. We gotta get out of this house. Not doing so at this point is financially irresponsible.
  13. Its funny to me how my wife and my perceptions of the whole thing is so wildly divergent based on out internet usage. Im a reddit person and as such pro Depp She is facebook and very pro Herd
  14. alt.sports.football.pro.car-panthers might just blow their minds
  15. Inimicus

    The Batman

    Hollywood seriously needs to put Batman on the shelf for the foreseeable future. They’ve taken what a dozen cracks at the source material and gotten it right a miserably few number of times. This wasn’t one of them.
  16. I want to go to bed by 10 and not wake up in the middle of the night needing to piss
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