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  1. This was the most blatant abuse of the refs Ive ever watched and that includes what they did to Cam
  2. Id be hard pressed if I were Rhule to not just send the team to the locker-room in protest
  3. Yeah... They dropped him back to the practice squad earlier this week but brought him back up today
  4. Well at least we wont have to watch Joey kicking 60 yarders tonight.
  5. Put 89 in Indy with Peyton and Reggie in Carolina with Jake. Folks outside of the Carolinas would be like "Reggie who?" and "Step aside Jerry, Agent 89 is here"
  6. I think we uncovered some of Tirico's family
  7. Well ok... There are some truly horrible broadcasters. But Tirico is middle of the pack at best
  8. If this comes to pass they need to find almost anyone besides Tirico to take his place. Hate that dudes way of doing play by play.
  9. I keep seeing people say that but no one produces anything from the NFL to back that up. Ya'll just guessin
  10. https://www.si.com/nfl/2021/09/20/texans-confirm-deshaun-watson-out-thursday-panthers Texans Coach Confirms Deshaun Watson Won't Play Thursday Despite Tyrod Taylor's Injury
  11. Kelce is prob my favorite player that doesnt put on our uniform.
  12. They are. Its why I included the link. Switch over to the weekly #s tab and you can see they have both weeks included QBR is a bit of a joke to begin with but I thought it was funny
  13. Steve from the landscaping company that does Rhule's yard.
  14. Whats that bear doin? We confuse them so much they dont know our mascot is a cat.
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