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  1. Mods need to do OP a solid and ban him for his own good.
  2. Dear Dave There is a "blade" of grass between the north 20 and 25 yard line on the home team side that doesnt match and the color variation is ruining my gameday experience. Fix it or Im done until you sell the team. Inimicus
  3. I think that when you not only qualify for but excel in a job where there are only 32 open positions in the world you have to be wired differently.
  4. Do what you love and what you love becomes a job. I got sold that line of shite a few decades ago and now I cant wait to never do what I love again
  5. Dear Dave We could use better napkins on the concourses. Thanks Buddy!
  6. OH! THIS is the thread he will be reading. Glad it finally got posted. win moar dave!
  7. Last nights finale was a very solid end to 6 seasons of damned solid TV and excellent SciFi.
  8. Facebook is never the answer to "What is better than ________?"
  9. Not even 24 hours from the final seconds of our season and the fashion threads are starting. Gotta be a new record. BlAcK HeLmEtS!!!
  10. Not willing to trade wins for a racist misogynist owner. JR is human trash.
  11. Moving the team (aside from the other factors already pointed out) presupposes that there is a city/market that wants an NFL team and that the league wants to put one there. Cant really think of a city/market that wants one that didnt tell the last one to go spit when it came time to build/upgrade their facilities.
  12. Watching some of you try to figure out the mind of Tepper is like watching a chicken pick lottery numbers. You could be right, but it would be pure unadulterated luck
  13. There needs to be a reaction that isnt as strong as poop but still expresses disagreement.
  14. I get that the guys on the field are going to play to win but damn Detroit.... Gonna win the game and lose the top pick.
  15. Same thing that happens this year. People online bitch and nothing else
  16. I really do wish people on this forum would stop telling me how unhappy Im going to be next year with Rhule as HC.
  17. Where is the "Matt Rhule has no bearing on whether or not I watch the Panthers" option?
  18. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but some of y'all need to just let go and accept that he-who-will-not-be-named will be stalking the sidelines next year.
  19. Did you watch the video? The one that is more than just the hit but also includes the aftermath? Nobody thought he was dead, nobody thought he was unconscious. It was a cheap shot hit and Burfict should have been ejected but the post I was responding to would have had you believe they picked AB off of the turf and stuck him in an ambulance.
  20. You'll never catch me defending Burfict. He is a dirty player and should have long ago been banned from the league. But those clips dont tell the whole story. AB was flopping around and reaching for a hand up fairly immediately after the hit. Nobody thought he was unconscious much less dead.
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