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  1. Prior to the 2021 season I thought JM was complete trash, but he made noticeable improvements last year. No issues at all with his return for cheap
  2. Oh I agree. I think ideally we package 1 pick and PJ, Kelly, whomever and pick up a vet C. Not sure that will happen, but like you , I feel good about Mitch
  3. If we don’t package and trade our picks this year for a new C, I’d think one of these guys will end of a hornet.
  4. . This fanbase, man. Just what’s been holding this team back, not enough quality backup rbs. Hilarious
  5. Wait we get to keep the Kai jones pick now? We need to package these picks and trade for big like jarret Allen
  6. Why did this just get bumped a year later. Gave me a heart attack. Lock this poo
  7. You realize Fitt and the rest of the FO stole some power back from Rhule this offseason, right? This thread is weird af. The COACH does zero coaching and is getting sucked off now bc he’s done what? Won 5 games each year? But now he gets credit for fitt signings? Nice
  8. Glad to see everyone is still delusional and thinks this poo storm can be fixed in one offseason!!! Here’s you how fix the team: trade back in the draft, accumulate picks, suck next year, pick a real qb like young or stroud, profit. This idea that we can cut corners on the rebuild and expedite the process continues to set us back years
  9. This. Not to mention the cap limitations
  10. We should be tanking for stroud or young if we miss out on Watson. Schedule is brutal next year
  11. Why tf did they cut him? Also head of the nflpa. Would be a slam dunk signing
  12. Lol mod says no more Watson threads just for zod to say shut up bitch and make a new one
  13. Replace able how? With first round picks? We would have none. FAs? We have no money. If this trade goes through the plan is literally field a team with 6th round picks and bottom tier FAs. Atleast now when we suck we have first round picks. Gonna be insanely painful to miss playoffs and not even have a first to help the team
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