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  1. I’m honestly trying to figure out who the fug they have on offense that’s a threat outside of kamara. It’s fuging no one. Scrub city. Scruba scrub scrub. If we lose this game it’s bc our OL is just that fuginh bad
  2. They overpaid for “versatile players” then spent all offseason lying to fans about them Lolol
  3. The situation is rhule is allergic to easy decisions. Guy goes from OLB to FS lol. Common sense not so common anymore
  4. So they traded for a kicker they have no faith in lol. Atleast they cut him
  5. And everyone commended rhule for finding a starter so late in the draft and just loved the video of him getting picked! Crazy how now people want to wake up and realize any LS drafted is a wasted pick
  6. A lot of people can’t read lol. “Horn gave up 1 catch” “durrrrr didnt he give up a td” yes that’s literally the one catch he allowed ffs
  7. Apparently Zod really liked this thread, just tweeted it out basically word for word
  8. It’s not hypocritical, it’s simply a break in logic. My whole point was that Sam needs preseason game reps and someone (not sure if that was you or not, don’t track usernames) said that he’s not playing Bc he doesn’t have his starting 5 OL healthy. Someone also said that he doesn’t need game reps bc they have joint practices… where he also doesn’t have his starting 5 OL. So which is it? Are joint practices the same as preseason games and it’s bs Sam can practice there but not games or are games different then the practices and it’s stupid to not give Sam those reps? They can’t be different and the same based on whichever argument youre in at the time
  9. So darnold has sat out of all the joint practices too bc his starting OL wasn’t healthy?
  10. So his top guys are all playing in practice? Or is danrold not practicing either bc his top guys aren’t there?
  11. Why is he held out of the preseason games if they are the same thing as joint practices? Spoiler: it’s bc the games aren’t the same as joint practices
  12. Riiiight… why are the best and proven qbs in returning Os getting valuable snaps but a giant ? Like sam on a new team is held out? Again, makes no sense. This is not a good sign. Not sure if it’s Bc he doesn’t know the playbook well enough yet or what but this dude needs as many snaps as he can get. This babying strategy isn’t replicated by anyone else and is especially detrimental to a qb on a new team
  13. Why is every other healthy starting qb playing more than darnold? This makes zero sense
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