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  1. Talking about the OP. How many times are we going to see this same stat about darnold. Anyone following the team or this forum would’ve already seen this
  2. Damn, you got me. I was trying to disguise my jealousy but there’s no fooling you, hubby.
  3. Another guy posting poo that’s already known and been talked about, awesome
  4. Lol dude wracks up the pie for posting something already posted months ago. did you guys hear Watson got accused of sexual harassment?
  5. So to summarize the OP: panthers paid him way more than he was worth bc he plays OL hur dur dur dur
  6. Sleeper move is shaq restructure. Makes it way harder to cut him and it’s a mystery why he’s paid so highly. Had an out looming… now we don’t. Obvious answers are signing 2 trash OL for 10m+. Especially with better options sprouting up post cuts. This offseason was eons better than the last tho
  7. Lol you don’t say? I can’t wait to see the yearly “shaq will finally breakout this year” thread. Massively overpaid and we just gave him more guaranteed money with that restructure
  8. Who said anything about SF? Thought it was pretty clear I was talking about the past regime. “Nothing we can do about it now” jab at hurney and others my guy. Sounds like you’re grouping me in with others and or quoted the wrong person
  9. Nothing we can do now but this strategy of “wait until the very last minute to sign great players so they cost twice as much” ha got to fuging change
  10. He was asked right after Sam got flamed online for saying no. If he said he was vaccinated it just throws more shade at Sam, whose supposed to be a leader as the teams qb. By not answering he was being a good teammate. All of our guys should respond with that. I don’t see how it’s the media’s business anyways
  11. A lot of players could. Senior bowl does a nice job with classes like this too- especially around financial literacy. Shame public schools don’t help with that
  12. We need to host a draft. Charlotte fits the bill perfectly and is one of the fastest growing cities. Even hosted the nba all star game/ weekend.
  13. I had to unfollow that nfl rumors account it was so bad. Don’t trust them at all
  14. I feel bad for the kid. He listed to adults telling him that he should take the year off and it may have very well cost him his career. Must be an awful feeling.
  15. How do they rank us 20 then offer a final statement that we “can have one of the better receiving cores in the league again” ??? Sounds pretty contradictory to me
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