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  1. Sure, but I’d feel better about the whole OL situation if he wasn’t literally the worst qb in the league from a clean pocket. Other qbs played behind poor OLs as well but didn’t suck as much when the protection held up
  2. Dude was dead last amongst qualifying qbs in qbr from a clean pocket and people keep saying fix the line lol. This dude was worse than Dwayne fuging Haskins from a clean pocket. BuT jUsT Fix tHE liNe
  3. Lol Stephen A. Surprised people still care about what he has to say. Is hunter henry playing for the chargers next week?
  4. Lol what? More like God forbid anyone approach the situation without sucking Sam off. Anyone who isn’t sold on a guy who has sucked every year he’s been in the league is immediately pooed. Also lol at the “if he sucks its nbd we only gave up a 2nd.” Yeah, bc early 2nd round picks hold no value
  5. Fields/ sewell/ slater in that order for me (no I’m not letting a bust prevent us from getting a pro bowl caliber qb)
  6. Anyone on here who isn’t sunshine and rainbows gets pooed into oblivion. Pretty funny really. If we traded for a 2nd everyone would be talking about how valuable 2nds are, but bc we have one away it’s “low risk, who cares”
  7. He misread that graphic. 23 deep throws (21+ yards). Not total attempts from a clean pocket (though that number is likely below average as well)
  8. Oh ok. So then we’ll have no problem trading him. wait scratch that- why are we trading him? If he played so well? saying he had career highs in yards etc means absolutely nothing as it’s a volume driven stat. He’s a career backup that had played what 1 full season as a rookie prior?
  9. And Brady’s influence on teddys career resurgence. Oh wait almost like burrow chase Jefferson CEH etc made Brady’s job easy at LSU
  10. His love for teddy was too, but now it’s revisionist history and hurney went rogue
  11. Confirm that he’s booty. To everyone crying he had no OL - “Over the past three seasons Darnold has ranked 34th of 38, 21st of 37, and 28th of 38 in on-target percentage from a clean pocket” 29th in deep ball accuracy last year- teddy was 28. if we wanted an early qb who never lived up to his potential, mariota would’ve been cheaper and was never this atrocious. https://www.sharpfootballanalysis.com/analysis/did-the-panthers-give-up-too-much-to-fix-sam-darnold/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
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