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  1. Eh...give his $ to keeping KK and Short, Love and Addison. Save the rest for re-signing KB and locking up our OL. Hopa there's a CB that's the BPA in the 3rd round or higher.
  2. The core of this team is built up the middle and though we know J-No is producing at a hugh level, I'm sure some other teams have left starting CB's hanging out to dry and there's no reason to not believe DG won't snatch some up in FA and the draft.
  3. Hardy was not his fault...the decision was JRs. The longer Norman holds out, the less time we have to pick up a solid replacement and that's the department where DG is aces.
  4. Takes one to know one. That's all I'm gonna say about your little temper-tantrum. Josh is not worth his asking price. We'll probably get a 2nd round CB in this draft and it won't take him 3+ years to get where he needs to be to start and make plays regularly. Just look at Coleman, he came out of nowhere and had close to the same type of year that we got from J-no. I have a feeling you'll stop banging that drum for J-Bo once he's decided to holdout.
  5. I told y'all he was gonna hold-out. I hate saying "I told you so." if he's holding-out, it's because he's worried about being injured or having a poor showing. He's not worth his asking price...there's no way around it. There's just no way that he gets a Kuechlyesque contract, that would hamstring us for re-signing Short and any other player that is considered as a core player on this team.
  6. We drafted Shaq to replace TD when he retires, so I can see the team drafting a WLB if he is a BPA at our pick. i truly believe this team has the personnel to draft BPA, regardless of our needs...especially considering that we have enough overage in our cap situation to acquire upgrades to our weaker positions. i do, however, have a feeling that the front office will stay conservative in FA as signing our younger core-players are paramount (Star, KK, J-no and players along our OL.)
  7. We've been playing with proverbial band-aids for half of our DBs and if you really wanna call our team as being "blown-up," it should be stated in terms of improvement across our backfield.
  8. There's little doubt that Stewart spearheaded our offensive rushing attack and because he's missed so much time over the years, due to injury, I feel he's still got some decent tread on those tires. Having stated that, he's gonna be gone after next season regardless and we need a feature back that is as diverse as our play calling demands. Wether the answer is on our roster or not is the big question and this draft would be the optimal draft to get that feature back that we need. I still think there's plenty of room to improve on our OL, DB and at DE. DB especially needs upgrades across the board.
  9. Great to see the Panther Nation raise up their hands to rise-up and be counted for our team! The Panthers are carrying the torch for all the Carolinas!
  10. Man...would you trade Benji for AJ? Nah...he'd kill our cap space.
  11. Yay Bengals! cant stand the Steelers or their fans.
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