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  1. if you want attention, the last place you want to post is on an online discussion forum. Have you ever heard of anyone from an online discussion forum getting any attention other than the owner? If you want attention, go to youtube, twitter, tumblr, blogspot, join one of the numerous Bleacher Report-type sports networks as a contributor, start and create your own websites (my best friend is an expert in this if i wanted to do this), etc etc As for here on the Huddle: Go look at the college football forum here. Hardly anybody posts there. I posted there a ton every week during the season, way more than I was posting on the main Panthers board. If I wanted attention, why would I do that? I spent countless hours every week on my posts there and did a lot of research. I have plenty of game threads there every week where I'm the only one posting in them. If I wanted attention, why wouldn't I simply go to a forum with an active college football discussion and post there? There are tons of them out there. Or if I wanted attention here on the Huddle, why would I spend so much time in the ghost-town college football subform instead of on the very active main Panthers forum? Same with the soccer forum here, if i wanted attention, why would I post here of all places? Hardly anyone posts here. If I wanted attention, I would go post on one of the many huge soccer forums out there. Or if i wanted attention here, i'd be focusing on the very active Panthers main board I don't even like it when people publically compliment me on a post or thread, even though that's arguably good attention. I just want to be an anonymous poster going about posting things I find interesting. It's crazy to me that anyone has a problem with this
  2. I'm an anonymous poster on an online message board. If I wanted attention this would be the last place i would come to seek it.
  3. What's driving everybody nuts is your constant crying and personally attacking other members. Those are the other worst kinds of posts one can make and they do nothing but crap up the forum. And you do this a lot
  4. if you have a problem with one of my posts, quote the post and tell me your problem with it. As for your post here, it contributes nothing to the topic of the thread which is the worst kind of post you can make, and you do this a lot.
  5. if you have a problem with one of my posts, quote the post and tell me your problem with it. As for your post here, it contributes nothing to the topic of the thread which is the worst kind of post you can make, and you do this a lot.
  6. sorry for not being more clear. I should have added that per the BBC, that Evening Standard article is the source of the comments, for those who wanted to know where they came ftom. Not sure why you wouldn't want to know that...
  7. The Times: "Liverpool’s entire football operation is in need of urgent evaluation. ... For all the accusations that Sterling is going the wrong way about forcing a move (and many of these are wholly legitimate), Liverpool are at the mercy of the ambition of others because they are either unwilling or unable to match their rivals’ ambition. That situation is only likely to become more severe now that FFP is about to be watered down. As (owner John) Henry himself conceded recently, without FFP it becomes “very difficult” for Liverpool to compete. The established football food chain, ordered according to owners’ wealth, leaves them exposed. Rival clubs, avaricious agents and even their own supporters know this only too well. ... For all the opprobrium – some of it just, some of it not – that will inevitably be showered on Sterling and his representative, Aidy Ward, following yesterday’s events, the reality is that...Liverpool are vulnerable right now. They are mediocre and everyone knows it. The reality is that those at the top end of the football industry have known it for some time, hence senior scouts from Manchester City and Chelsea becoming Anfield regulars this season in the knowledge that Liverpool’s best players are there for the taking in a way that they haven’t been for half a century. ... With no Champions League football to offer, only one trophy (the League Cup) won in the past nine seasons, just three title challenges since 1991,..and an inability to compete for top players, Liverpool are failing to keep their end of the bargain" http://www.thetimes.co.uk/tto/sport/football/clubs/liverpool/article4444751.ece or http://forums.liverpoolfc.com/threads/373143-Tony-Barrett-Vulnerable-Liverpool-are-mediocre-and-they-know-it
  8. in response to the comments, Liverpool cancelled their meeting with Sterling. Liverpool believe there would be no point in having a meeting when the player's representative is quoted as saying a new deal would not be signed regardless of the figure http://m.bbc.com/sport/football/32830357
  9. Sterling's agent told the Evening Standard: “He is definitely not signing. He’s not signing for £700, £800, £900 thousand a week. He is not signing." He said Sterling would not move to Real Madrid, Barcelona or Bayern Munich, and suggested Chelsea or Manchester City were the most likely destinations. He added: “Every Premier League club will make a bid for him.” Sterling, who was booed as he collected the club’s Young Player of the Year award this week , is rapidly falling out of favour with Liverpool fans, with one apparently kicking his car as he drove away from Liverpool’s training ground yesterday. respected former player Jamie Carragher told Sterling to “keep your mouth shut” and “get on with playing football”. Sterling's agent replied: “Carragher is a knob. Everybody knows it. Any of the criticism from current pundits or ex-Liverpool players - none of them things matter to me. It is not relevant.” http://www.standard.co.uk/sport/football/raheem-sterlings-agent-aidy-ward-confirms-star-wants-to-leave-liverpool-900000aweek-would-not-keep-him-at-anfield-10266233.html
  10. "Sweden's Charlotta "Lotta" Schelin represents arguably the biggest goal threat in the entire Group of Death. ... she is an absolute dynamo. She moved to Olympique Lyon in in 2008, and has since cemented herself as a keystone in the most dangerous attack in club sports. She has scored 129 goals in 120 appearances with Lyon (for the 2014-15 season: 41 goals in 31 appearances), helping the club to 7 straight league titles — Lyon has won the league every single year since she arrived — and the past 4 straight French domestic cups — and went to 4 straight Champions League Finals (2010-2013), winning two. She is the highest-paid women's player in France ... If Lotta Schelin and one or two of her teammates can find their scoring touch and a modicum of chemistry, look for Sweden to make it to the semifinals, at least." http://the18.com/news/canada-2015-preview-sweden-other-team-group-death Women's Football @ WoSoWorld May 9 Lotta Schelin has scored a goal every 44 mins in the league this seson. #D1F (Division 1 Féminine)
  11. "in this Summer’s Group of Death, Sweden (currently ranked 5th in the world) are the co-favorites, along with the US, to make it out of the group, deadly as it may be. ... Sweden is the real deal: they have never been ranked lower than 6th since FIFA’s Women’s World Rankings were released in 2003; they have qualified for every single World Cup and European Championship, and in both competitions they have finished outside of the top 6 only once. ... Sweden won their World Cup qualifying group in resounding fashion, conceding only 1 goal and dropping a grand total of zero points throughout ... Their team has the perfect mix of youth and experience. Marija Banusic, 19, and Therese Sjorgan, 37, bookend a squad whose average age is a shade under 27. This pleasant spectrum of ages is complimented by domestic familiarity: most of the squad hails from Sweden’s Damallsvenskan, with only 8 of its 23 players based in the English, French, or German leagues." note: Swedish clubs are the 2nd-most successful after German clubs in the Women's Champions League. Swedish clubs are #2 in most appearances in the Women's CL Final (their last was in 2014) and #2 in most Women's CL Championships (German clubs are #1 in both) http://the18.com/news/canada-2015-preview-sweden-other-team-group-death
  12. NBC: -Pia Sundhage, the affable and highly successful coach of the U.S. women from 2008-2012, is now the coach of her native Sweden. ... Sweden has been grouped with the U.S. now at three consecutive World Cups (Sweden is the only team to have defeated the USWNT in World Cup group play, in 2011) ... Tom Sermanni, the man who was unceremoniously fired last year as U.S. coach, is now an assistant coach for Canada. http://www.nbcsports.com/soccer/womens-soccer/womens-world-cup-100-things-know Yahoo Sports Alex Baker @ baker_alex May 17 Pia Sundhage remains a tough act to follow, but Jill Ellis has this team looking pretty good. Womens Football Comp @ Jigsawwill May 15 "I usually say that eight nations can win the World Cup, Sweden is one of them." - Pia Sundhage
  13. NBC: -Nigeria’s Asisat Oshoala (who plays for Liverpool) is the best young player in the world. She lit up Canada last year at the U-20 World Cup as top scorer and best player (Golden Ball and Golden Boot and Nigeria finished 2nd to Germany. She is also the reigning African Women's Footballer of the Year). Americans will see her first-hand in the group stage this year. http://www.nbcsports.com/soccer/womens-soccer/womens-world-cup-100-things-know
  14. NBC: -The United States is grouped with #10 Australia, #5 Sweden and African Champions Nigeria, by far the toughest group. Every World Cup features a cliché “Group of Death,” and this is it for 2015. Finishing second likely means facing Brazil in the Round of 16. http://www.nbcsports.com/soccer/womens-soccer/womens-world-cup-100-things-know BBC: Coach Edwin Okon believes Nigeria can "shock the world" in the so-called 'Group of Death' at the 2015 women's World Cup in Canada. "We qualified as African champions and that should worry the other teams in our group," Okon told BBC Sport. ... "Our squad is very strong...our opponents definitely respect us because we are not under pressure ... my players are well aware that the pressure is on the supposed big teams to deliver." Nigeria won a record seventh African title when beating Cameroon 2-0 in the final of the African Women's Championship in October. Their overall record at the continental showpiece is a remarkable 36 wins and five draws in 45 matches. ... Nigeria is the only African team to have played in all Fifa Women's World Cup tournaments since 1991" http://m.bbc.com/sport/football/30463647 David Ruckdeschel @ druck808 May 4 American Outlaw, Portland chapter, http://www.aopdx.ecwid.com/ awesome scarf in the mail today! See you in Winnipeg! #USWNT #groupofdeath (Alex Morgan plays for the Portland Thorns)
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