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  1. 3 hours ago, CRA said:

    Do we actually know the details of his contract?  Petrino had a 5 year deal with the Falcons and went to Arkansas after 13 games.   Arkansas didn’t buyout that contract.  I think those crazy buyouts are in college sports. 

    right now per year he makes close to Saban, Dabo money.   So USC I would think would have to make him the highest paid coach in all of college football…..which seems unlikely.  

    A team can release a coach from his obligation like they did with Petrino but you really think tepper is that much of an idiot?

    All contracts are binding both ways. You don't need to see the legal documents to know that. More than likely USC would have to compensate Tepper a great deal before he released Rhule.

    Not to mention he's the 6th highest paid NFL coach and hasn't even had a winning season. 

  2. 9 hours ago, Rags said:

    I agree. I don't think anyone here is arguing he's wroth lock down money. No one's said that.


    But if he plays well this season he'll like still want a contract that's "expensive" and by all means, he;ll deserve it.    And I don't this games lowlights for him are worse than his highlights. 

    Lock down money how? Locking down the second guy isn't really more than average. I mean yes he deserves more than scrub money for sure but he doesn't deserve top 15 money either. If a team gives him that you have to pass.

  3. 7 minutes ago, Rags said:

    what have i said about Jackson's skill level? I talked about the matchup, nothing about his skill.


    but go off. die on that hill, i guess. It's amazing how we can have an NFL corner back give up catches smh my head we neeed nothing but lockdown CBs.

    When have I ever said he wasn't a decent CB? Just not worth lock down money. But I guess you can die on your hill as well because I've proven my point and am now moving on.

  4. 11 minutes ago, gmonjimbo said:

    Not true. Nnadmi Asomugha made 3 straight probowls and 2 all-pros with a total of 2 INTs in that span. If picking on a CB is giving up 50 or so yards, what do you call Julio's 300 yard game against Bene, assault? 

    That was a decade ago and that's because no one targeted him. Jackson gets plenty of targets and is no way as good as Asomugha was.

  5. 5 minutes ago, Floppin said:

    You're trying to argue with me about something that I agree with which is why I've said that you clearly haven't understood my point and you obviously still haven't.

    I've been quit clear that I think that Brown likely should be starting, at no point during this whole thing have I said otherwise.

    I have been explaining the debate at hand which is why they had him as inactive, not the debate about why he's not a starter. Those are two separate discussions entirely.

    I mean we can't debate that. Rhule is going to do his thing. Like I said we can leave it at that because its not going to change apparently but I'm not too sure why. Prob cause John Miller is better and he's coming back.

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  6. 1 hour ago, OhhhhCam said:

    Donte leads his draft class in turnovers created so …. Idk why so many of y’all don’t see how special he is or can be . Yeah he has flaws but he make picks/plays that’s hard to do . Not to mention legit 4.32 speed  I’m sorry you don’t find those guys everyday in the second and 3rd of the draft 

    He gets burnt as much as he makes impact plays and his tackling is still subpar. He's OK CB not a bum but he's not even at the level of Horn right now. I can promise you we could draft a guy that's comparible to him. I mean the jets were on their 3rd best WR last week so he was playing rookies and scrubs and they got catches. 

  7. 4 hours ago, Floppin said:

    Holy poo man, I have like 10 times now. But I'll do it one more time and this will seriously be the last.

    Rhule was asked about why Brown was not on the active gameday roster and his answer was because he's not versatile enough to be a game day backup.

    What this means is two fold. They believe he's not ready to start and due to his lack of versatility they don't value having him active as a game day backup. He literally plays one position and hasn't gained any additional experience elsewhere within our offense so if he's not starting then his value as a backup is extremely limited.

    Therefore, if they aren't going to start him he's going to remain inactive on game days UNTIL they are comfortable starting him, which they aren't yet.

    I have stated more than once that I don't necessarily agree with the fact that he's not yet a starter but I don't disagree with the reasoning that he's inactive if he's not. 

    Yeah we got that far. But once again as of right now he is just as good of a right Guard as Daley. Its an idiot move. You know who you have in Daley and that's a leaky hole. The kid has played RG at Alabama he knows the position. The only knock was he had weight problems. This is a Ron Rivera move where you go with the known evil and never give the new guy a chance. We can end it there. Hopefully you can understand it but clearly you haven so far.

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