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  1. So Liverpool, Spurs and Saints go to Europa? Well, Europa league just got interesting! Saints definitely deserved Europa!

    Villa would go Europa instead of team 7 if they win the FA Cup. As far as Fair Play, from what I read West Ham has the inside track, provided Liverpool qualifies through league standings.

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  2. Looks like Top 4 is pretty much set. I can't see Manchester City losing to Southy at home. At worst, I see a draw.


    1) Chelsea

    2) City

    3) Arsenal

    4) ManUre


    Liverpool could very well lose 5th place, and probably should have already by now. I think we get Europa regardless, due to Fair Play.


    The Europa rules changed - if a cup winner qualifies for the CL, then the Europa spot goes to the next spot down the league standings and not cup runner-up. Since Chelsea won, now 5 and 6 qualify for Europa. Arsenal winning the FA cup would bring 7th place in the mix.

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  3. PFT reporting there is the possibility that Max Unger might not pass his physical in New Orleans.

    If that happens and the Graham trade is voided, this offseason could get even more entertaining than it already has been :lol:


    an ex-Duck not passing his physical? Isn't that Chip Kelly bingo?

  4. Looks like the Iggles are getting Ryan Matthews. What a flip job they've done. 


    QB: Sam Bradford

    RB: Ryan Matthews / Sproles

    WR: Jordan Matthews / Huff


    That has to be the most confused fanbase in the league right now. 


    I can't wait for the inevitable play where Bradford and Mathews both go down for the year on a botched handoff

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    Gachkar, 26, is a former seventh-round pick of the Chargers back in 2011. He has since played out his four-year, $2,085,900 rookie contract that included just $45,900 guaranteed and appears to have enough interest that he will be able to secure a sizable raise.


    Last year, Gachkar appeared in 15 games and recorded 49 tackles, a fumble recovery and scored a defensive touchdown for the Chargers. Pro Football Focus has him rated as the No. 28 inside linebacker out of 60 qualifying players.



    I'd like Gach to return to SD, but can't fault him for looking around. For a while last year, he was probably playing the best of the ILBs, but the best he could do here is the 3rd behind Butler/Te'o.

  6. How does Iupati think he's worth 8.5m a year? Doesn't he play guard? There are plenty of guys that can play for less than that.


    around 8M per is the high deal - I'm wondering if the Chargers interest in Franklin means that they're out of the Iupati sweepstakes

  7. So far DEN has announced Demaryius will be the Thomas they tag. 


    No tag for Suh in DET.


    And KC will tag Justin Houston, but this one could get messy. Houston wants to be tagged as a DE, not an LB. There's also already rumors that he may wait til Week 10 to sign.

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