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  1. The off-season black helmet thread to end all offseason black helmet threads.
  2. This a reach… it’s clear the project was for the Panthers and real estate holding companies often have clients pay contractors directly (no reason for the real estate holding company to intervene). Don’t blame them for trying but this is a Hail Mary.
  3. The Charlotte city council has its checkbook out for Tepper. That tourism tax fund is HUGE and the only thing it can be used for are things that generate tourism dollars like BofA stadium. Tepper’s experience with Rock Hill will make him appreciate the Charlotte city council’s partnership that much more.
  4. Agree 100% Amazing RH thought they could finesse him.
  5. Seems pretty clear RH was dragging their feet on the bonds… this whole thing is a mess but that’s the central issue. If it was enough to terminate the project, my question is why Tepper would agree to the “reasonable best effort” language in the contract… that language in a contract should be a huge red flag.
  6. Amare Barno is my pick. Guy ran a 4.36 at 6’ 6” and 245 lbs. Julius Peppers level freak.
  7. Yeah NO WAY we’re worse than the Falcons and Texans.
  8. Oh and he would have to get 3/4 of the other owners to approve moving away from one of the fastest growing cities in the nation.
  9. He’s got the RPO down, needs to focus on getting under center and playing from the pocket to complete his game.
  10. If Christensen is serviceable then we owe it to ourselves to seriously consider drafting a QB.
  11. There’s nothing he could say that would make me feel better about 3 consecutive losing seasons. It’s gonna be a bunch of “we have a plan” and “it’s a 5 year process” talk that largely means nothing. The time for talk is over, show me results. Our record this year will speak louder than anything he can say. Our GM and Head Coach have spoken, what more can he add?
  12. Do we really need more platitudes about how he wants to win and is obviously unsatisfied with the results last season? Let’s all pound our fists and demand we get a 20 minute “owner-speak” press conference!
  13. This… Chinn is 6’3” 220 and safeties can’t be enforcers anymore, so he should be converted to OLB. We saw what he can do around the LOS last year, he’s a “meh” safety but could be TD 2.0 at LB.
  14. You can pull a hammy just as easily in the slot as you can out of the backfield.
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