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  1. Well we’re in this thread where OP posted a specific clip, so it would probably be a good idea to watch the clip to get an idea of what people are talking about. It’s pretty clear and obvious in the clip, which was the moment the play happened and the exact commentary at the moment it happened, that the initial reaction of the announcers was to blame the refs and/or imply there was some sort of “ridiculous” rule. The announcers did not say the ref needed to spot the ball, they said the ref needed to “touch” the ball, and that the ref “got in the way”. Maybe they didn’t really understand what was going on. Either way, there’s not really much to argue, whether they later came to a more reasonable conclusion or not. Feel free to stay on your high horse though.
  2. You watching a different clip? “Oh my gosh, the official gets in the way! It’s over!” “Oh he did! The official has to touch the ball! Of course that’s ridiculous for a game to end like that! If I’m a Cowboy fan I am livid!” I’m no apologist for the shitty and biased NFL refs, but these announcers were pretty clearly blaming the ref, the rules, or both, and not the Cowboys.
  3. And having the announcers take their side on top of that. “Of course that’s ridiculous for a game to end like that” like they should just be able to spot their own ball lol.
  4. Don’t even care. Hope everyone takes it out of context and the media runs with it, hasn’t stopped them before.
  5. Oh please make this a national controversy.
  6. Tbh, I’m not going to be excited about anybody they bring in. I seriously question both the judgment and credentials of anybody willing to come here. They lose credibility just by taking the job. It’s a dead end job with the worst OL in the league, a terrible offense under multiple OCs and QBs, the leagues highest paid RB who you know you’ll probably only get for about 4 games, 1 draft pick in the first 3 rounds, and a GM who is talking about spending all the salary cap re-signing defensive players. You basically know you’ll be looking for a job again next year and everybody will think worse of you because you can’t do poo with this dumbass coach. I can’t think of a worse position to be in, if I was an aspiring OC with any sort of confidence or ambition I wouldn’t touch this opening with a 10 ft pole.
  7. All I heard on the radio today was National media blasting the giants for keeping Judge around and involving him in the GM search. Unless Tepper starts getting that kind of pressure, I don’t think anything is going to change.
  8. I’ll be anxiously checking all day hoping for some good news. I do not have high hopes though. Knowing this dumbass franchise we will actually wait until he can’t hire a good OC and by that time all the good HC candidates will be gone, or we’ll go through the same thing next season.
  9. Looking more and more like it won’t matter whether we win or lose today. Still hope we lose. Would hate to win and have it play some sort of role in whether we keep Rhule or not. Lions and Jags both currently winning. How pissed off would you be as a fan base with the #1 pick on the line.
  10. I don’t see why he would want to come here. Michigan is a better gig and his alma mater.
  11. He always had work ethic issues even before we drafted him. It was just a matter of time.
  12. Nope, but what’s the point even thinking about it.
  13. So who’s the veteran guy who is working with him and mentoring him? And who are all the coaches he brought in who he didn’t know but were simply the best teachers? This guy is a liar, and Tepper is a fool.
  14. I’m surprised Chip Kelly’s is so good. I remember him having some success early on but thought his gimmick got figured out quicker than that.
  15. No no, I want to keep losing with a full team. Let’s not give Rhule any excuses.
  16. It would be a very Panthers thing to do to wait until the end of the year and unnecessarily delay the search for the next head coach.
  17. This was something that was going to have to be done right? I agree, but in what way has he done anything right?
  18. Losing is one thing, but looking clueless and directionless while doing it is another.
  19. I don’t trust our coaching staff to be smart enough to put our best CB on their best WR all game.
  20. Boy this guy really hates Cam Newton lol
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