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  1. Sitting back collecting the money from these cancer ads that make the forum unusable without an ad blocker or special browser. I don’t even try to check on my computer anymore it just immediately freezes up.
  2. What we really need is a photo of Pep holding his gold jacket next to Bryce Young.
  3. First part not true. The constant trauma from headers has been a major concern for many years. Think about a 16oz ball traveling 70mph hitting you in the head hundreds of times. I read a study years back that found similar levels of brain damage between a soccer player and a boxer.
  4. Can somebody with skills please photoshop Teppers face onto every fan who is throwing a drink?
  5. This got pies and cheers lol. The Bryce derangement is real.
  6. Some of these posts have aged like milk overnight lol.
  7. This seems like an awful lot of hand wringing over VP of Player Personnel.
  8. I didn’t read the article. OP should include some sort of summary or a few points for those who don’t want to click links.
  9. https://sports.yahoo.com/nfl-films-granting-giants-final-123103274.html
  10. Also in other NFL news Vikings 4th round pick was killed in a car crash with 2 friends when their vehicle was struck by another vehicle performing a dangerous lane change and pushed off the road. Don’t have full details yet but the reports say alchohol may have been involved, presumably on the part of the other vehicle of which the driver and passengers were of course all unharmed. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/40507027/vikings-rookie-cb-khyree-jackson-dies-car-crash-24
  11. FIFY. Also, this from a show in which the Giants have final say over what gets shown. If you are expecting it to be presented as anything other than “The Giants won the off-season” I don’t know what to tell you.
  12. I think we’ll keep him on the team. He’s better than most of our other options at PG and at this point we have to expect Lamelo will not play a full season.
  13. Nothing. Nuggets needed to dump salary so they gave us the three picks as compensation for taking on his contract.
  14. ? Yeah that was kind of my point.
  15. Just got a few second round picks to take on Reggie Jackson’s salary. And with that I’d like to officially welcome both the Hornets draft picks to their new team…the Greensboro Swarm! Maybe we’ll see you in a few years and wonder who you are, but more than likely you’ll fade into obscurity like so many before you.
  16. Lol Bronny James to the Lakers. As much as I hate the Hornets draft, I prefer the position we’re in as a franchise to the Lakers. I’d be so pissed to be a slave to Lebron James’ desires at a point in his career when you know you aren’t winning a championship. Really wish they hadn’t gotten that fake bubble championship that hid the fact that their star players can’t play a full length season or playoff schedule.
  17. Pick is in for the Lakers time to see if nepotism pays off for Bronny James.
  18. *Looks at 3rd worst record. *Looks at 6th pick. Yeah I doubt it works out but we’ll see.
  19. Hope nobody watches. Stretching the NBA draft to 2 days is dumb.
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