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  1. Wow, what a turn of events. I don’t know whether to be excited or concerned that Jax gave him up after just 1 yr for a TE and a 3rd.
  2. Yeah and then look at Sean McD, Brandon Beane, and Harrison Butker #keptthewrongdudes
  3. After living through what they did to Cam, I have no illusions that anything will come of this.
  4. He played great. It’s too bad the fumbles go on his record because they were maybe like 10% on him and 90% oline.
  5. Yet he was completely wrong here, which proves my point.
  6. Good now everybody can stop crying about an achilles. I vote ban Twitter doctor posts.
  7. It’s complete fuging speculation can we just wait until we get an actual diagnosis from somebody who has seen and put hands on it?
  8. I think one time they showed a replay and I didn’t see poo. Notice they aren’t showing replays of a lot of these poo calls. No replay on the DJ Moore early down whistle either.
  9. I challenge anybody to watch the refs single handedly flip this game in just a few calls at key times and tell me refs don’t cause teams to win or lose.
  10. ? Throw to the sidelines or take a deep shot. Bad call makes no sense.
  11. Can we bring Kasay out of retirement?
  12. We’ll be in trouble when we play an actual NFL team.
  13. There is a certain degree of tension that is lost when you just kind of expect that the offense is going to move down the field and score on most possessions. This isn’t every game or every offense, obviously, but it’s enough. Now, if the Panthers offense were that good, I’d be all for it.
  14. Sidewalks are actually not for cyclists. They are supposed to ride in the road and be treated as a vehicle if there is no bike lane. Problem is, many cyclists don’t follow the rules and many motorists don’t treat them as vehicles. A lot more common courtesy is needed on both sides.
  15. We need stars, not role players. So I guess it depends on the talent drop. If you think 11 is just as boom or bust as 16/18 I guess you take 2 swings instead of one. In general though, as was mentioned above, you need as high a pick as possible in the NBA draft. We just need the highest ceiling guy we can get.
  16. We’ve had players coaches and gms for most of our existence and it hasn’t exactly garnered a ton of loyalty.
  17. Seeing people in here taking shots at Greg is pretty pathetic. Dude said absolutely nothing wrong. Whether his number deserves to be retired or not, he’s the best TE we ever had by a long shot and has been nothing but an asset to the community off the field as well.
  18. He’s not entirely wrong. Why change what made us the best team in football? However, they should have had contingency plans and they should have had looks that they had been practicing all season and not shown in games yet. Good coaches can make adjustments when things aren’t working.
  19. If the Texans weren’t selling at his previous value, why in the world would they sell at his current value? Edit to add: Watson has also now lost all of his leverage and has to focus on rehabbing his image.
  20. Most of the best have been said. Here’s a few more for consideration: “Donkey Kong Suh” ”Hindsight is 50/50” ”Let the cat out of the hat” ”Not going to put them on a pinnacle” ”Hog mollies” ”You don’t trade a quarter for 2 dimes”
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