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  1. I just used the rivalry games as an example because that is when the QB who would be starting for FSU in the playoffs was playing, and they were pretty similar opponents and atmospheres, both on the road, and they were just a week ago. FSU looked better than Alabama. If we’re just going by last week alone, Bama should be #1, not 4. If we’re just going by who we “think” or “feel” is the best team regardless of record, then Georgia is in. So record matters, unless you’re FSU, conference matters, but only if you’re in the SEC, winning your conference championship matters, unless it’s the ACC, beginning of the season matters a lot if you’re Texas and not so much if you’re Bama. It’s just a poo show.
  2. That would be true of the #4 spot this year. That’s the problem. FSU should be in and then the fourth team I agree. Leaving FSU out for 2 teams was 100% the wrong decision.
  3. You are saying they would get stomped. We will unfortunately never know. FSU looked better in their rivalry game against Florida with their backup QB than Bama did in their rivalry game against Auburn. They just held a 420ypg offense to 188yds. Why couldn’t they do that to Bama’s offense, who only averages 400ypg? There are 22 starters on a team. If it’s all about the QB, this playoff would be completely different. Again, inconsistently applied standards used to justify personal preferences. QB goes down and you say well it doesn’t matter what you do, we don’t care that the defense just held one of the best offenses in the country to 6 points. That doesn’t make sense. Why would you rank them in the top 4 last week? I’m not an FSU fan, but this is bushleague.
  4. How is the logic consistent? Genuinely curious. Are there other examples of undefeated p5 teams being left out? Are there other examples of leaving an undefeated team out because of an injury to one player? Are there examples of an undefeated team getting leap frogged in the rankings by TWO one-loss teams? Are there other examples of an undefeated team getting leap frogged in the rankings by a one loss team while coming off a victory against a higher ranked team? Is the “eye test” typically only applied for one game? The only standard I’m seeing is SEC representation in the playoff no matter what, and Texas for beating that SEC team first game of the season. That win is very heavily weighted for Texas even though it was the first game of the season, but the loss doesn’t mean as much for Alabama because it was the first game of the season. Because that makes sense. And Texas’ loss doesn’t matter that much because it was earlier in the season. And Bama needing a miracle to beat Auburn doesn’t matter because it’s a rivalry game. But FSU gets dinged on the “eye test” for only beating Florida by 9 the same week…in a rivalry game. The only thing that consistently makes sense is SEC favoritism and money.
  5. FSU 2-0 against the SEC. Apparently not worth as much because they’re in the ACC. Nobody is saying it doesn’t matter. It clearly matters, and it clearly matters more than it should. What is also clear is that the rules are not evenly applied and there is clear favoritism towards certain programs. Just don’t say it’s about the “eye test” when given examples that it clearly isn’t. Transparency would have looked like just designating an automatic playoff spot for an SEC team no matter what happens, then we all go into every season understanding that. They are fortunate this is the last year of the 4 team playoff, and maybe that’s the reason they went ahead and just did whatever they wanted with it.
  6. With their third string QB who would not be the starter for a playoff game if they were in. More yards of offense than Mich had against Iowa. Bama only scored 17 on USF, Wash only 15 against ASU. FSU was ranked 4th and fell to 5th after winning against a top 15 team. Texas beat a lower ranked team and jumped them in the rankings. Just so they could put Alabama in.
  7. Bama has struggled to beat much worse teams than Louisville this year, as recently as last week.
  8. Moo U been riding the coattails of actual successful ACC programs since the 80s. Yeah everybody is annoyed with FSU right now threatening to leave, but this moron cutting off his nose to spite his face.
  9. Hope Michigan blows Bama out and embarrasses them after all that SEC whining.
  10. Sure looks like they just wanted to put an SEC team in no matter what and knew they couldn’t justify leaving Texas out if they put Bama in, and couldn’t justify leaving Bama out if they put Georgia in, so fug the ACC champ with ACC 6-4 against SEC this year. If this were a normal ranking week, FSU would be ranked third, but it’s not so let’s just shove in who we want to see in there. So they didn’t blow out a t15 team with their third string QB. Bama barely beat USF with their backup guess that doesn’t matter. Guess it doesn’t matter needing a miracle play to beat Auburn. Apparently how you win only matters if you’re in the ACC. What a fugging joke.
  11. When the 9ers didn’t have Deebo Samuel and Trent Williams for a couple games, they struggled. Only 17 points per game compared to their normal 27. And they still had McC, Aiyuk, Kittle, and a 10x better OL than we have.
  12. You know exactly what I’m talking about. Answered. Taking that “I didn’t create a thread titled “Safe Space” just because people pooed my snarky post” story to the grave. Sad.
  13. Sure, snide remarks, creating “safe spaces”, calling people who disagree with you “the hope brigade” or whatever else. Let’s not pretend you’ve been some angel. You’ve been nothing but a pot stirrer now you’ve made a mess and you’re innocent huh. I’ll admit I shouldn’t call people losers on the internet. It’s dumb. Will you ever be honest or you gonna keep saying how genuine you were with your safe spaces thread and all this other crap?
  14. You can have a difference of opinion without being an ass, you haven’t demonstrated that ability, tbh.
  15. So if you know what “consensus” means, explain your original post. Because, even by your recent self serving definition, one GM wanting Stroud over Young really has no bearing on whatever consensus there was or wasn’t.
  16. I don’t know why this feels like trying to explain calculus to a 3 year old. This is the dumbest argument ever all because a mod has become nothing but a poo posting pot stirrer in a thread that should have had nothing to do with this. This conversation over whether there is a consensus top QB already happened back during draft season but here we are re-hashing everything because some loser just wants to feel like he’s right about something so ridiculous. Just like they want to talk about the Dalton game over and over and over and over again even though it happened 9 weeks ago and every point and counter point has been made 10 times over. Doesn’t matter what anybody says he’ll just bring it up again in a week as if this whole thread never happened.
  17. You realize PFN has an actual “industry consensus” big board? https://www.profootballnetwork.com/2023-nfl-draft-industry-consensus-big-board/ Hell, even the second link you posted from PFN, you know the “PFN Consensus Big Board” aka “not just one guy’s (Ian Cummings’) opinion” had Bryce ahead of CJ. Did you post that on accident? Can’t wait for your non-answer. You figured out what consensus means yet or you still working on that?
  18. You could just click the links provided and read instead of making people explain every little thing to you. You looking at one ranking and saying it’s not consensus, when there are websites dedicated to taking that ranking and every other ranking and making consensus big boards, makes zero sense. And yeah, we get that it’s the media and we don’t have all the big boards for all the teams. I’d be happy to look at those if you can provide them.
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