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  1. I want to punch that smug middle aged white lady from Tennessee in the face. CEO of some poo company. LMFAO.
  2. You coach the team and tell these guys to go F themselves. Probably not easy.
  3. Some expert predicts the Panthers to be terrible every year.
  4. Ya unfortunately he might not be garbage anymore.
  5. Pretty sure he redeemed himself this year buddy.
  6. I am not from the Carolinas either and I was I think ten when the Panthers were announced. I picked them because I thought the logo and colors were cool too haha. I also used to have to watch updates online. I always found cbs sportsline to be the best option. Before the Panthers I liked the Bills. I was a Thurman Thomas fan.
  7. Philly Brown said Lester will be an all-pro next year so we dont need swearinger.
  8. Whether or not he is guilty a woman who dies from gunshot wounds to her abdomen when she is pregnant with a future first round pick's child? I wouldn't touch him. That is just me.
  9. Two words why he will he will never play here. Rae Carruth.
  10. Most of the time players this board hates are good then everyone loves them and players they love tank.
  11. If The Golden Calf of Bristol can hit his screen passes and flat throws he can be an Eagles qb.
  12. This guy is funny. I guess we should just line up a guard at WR.
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