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  1. Our D matches up EXTREMELY well against Broncos O, our secondary has to be licking their chops against Manning. I love Manning but he won't do much against our D
  2. God I love Peyton Manning, by far my favorite QB of all time not named Cam Newton..
  3. Yea.. I'm not so sure we could handle the Cardinals, they are just so complete man
  4. This!! Was thinking the same thing.. Jesus they are annoying as fug
  5. Welp.. Looks like we will get one more Brady/Manning matchup in Denver next week
  6. I just not as confident as most on here we can beat the Seahawks.. They are back to back to NFC champs for a reason and revenge games scare me
  7. Well, Seattle it is.. Raise your hand if you trust Vikings and Bridgewater with a 2 PT lead in the 4th lol.. Yea, that's what I thought.
  8. Good! I'm glad he didn't have a kid, I expect Cam to bounce back to normal against the Bucs.. If Cam is going to have a kid I hope it's during the off season
  9. We better hope and pray the the Packers handle business against the Cards today
  10. This team will be the Packers from a few years ago.. 15-1 and one and done on the playoffs. That team had the same exact make up as this Panthers team and collapses from fatigue late in the season.. we wont make it out of the divisional round. Our D is done
  11. If we lose a game like this, this late in the season it could mindfug this team's head from now until playoffs
  12. Let's be honest, being undefeated is nice but I'm just looking toward the playoffs. Slipping to a 2 seed doesn't even bother me should it come to that, we are a team built to win on the road.. One more win would all but lock up a 2 seed, Saints will be at home in Jan anyway, fug em
  13. This team and even Rivera look out of it.. Something is off
  14. Bad series, they will figure it out and adjust accordingly. Not worried
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