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  1. McGowens is the real deal. Great pick in the 2nd round. Will he see time on the floor with Steve Clifford coaching? That is the question.
  2. Its the only move they made and it is nearly 10 million for 7 ppg and 4 rpg. That is still nearly 1/12 of a roster spot if we go by cap. Thing is top level players make around 30 million and you usually have 2 of those on a really good team. So, it is actually around 1/6 of the remaining roster cap.
  3. OMG haha pathetic. That is the deal he gets? We are screwed. Well, I think I am done following this pathetic stuff for a while. Bye everyone.
  4. This is why I have been down on the team. It is not that I hate Charlotte. I just know they are setting themselves up for failure. Fans are frustrated and tired of this crap.
  5. Yeah, not going to work though. Fans are pissed at how lack luster everything has been. Trading away that 1st round pick looked dumb before the Bridges news and now it looks even worse. This is why 90% of the Carolinas ignores the Hornets, in what is clearly a starving basketball market. Nobody got time for them if they do not have time to make the team better.
  6. Hornets not doing crap. Remember this as fans when the season rolls around. If you keep paying for this garbage they will keep doing it. They are perfectly fine being mediocre if you all are because they will make money.
  7. Which is too late then and fans will just tune out once again. I talk to many casual fans and they always say same Bobcats/Hornets different year. Mediocre. Nobody in Carolina, for the most part, is watching that.
  8. This thread should remain empty but it needed to be created. I am sure that this is the year they finally take risks and improve around their young pieces like other successful franchises.
  9. And this is why you do not trade a 1st round pick away. I wonder if MJ pockets all that Miles Bridges money and forces us to try to accept the team as is minus Bridges. I certaintly wouldn't watch at that point.
  10. Clifford has pulled me back in. We have to accept the poverty and roll with it. Giant Asteroid 2024.
  11. There is no 24 hour period. This team is being run into the ground by cheap decision making. Not getting out of many of our systems. The fan base was already weak and these last few days certainly didn't help.
  12. This is the final nail in the coffin from me. Done watching. MJ needs to sell the team. He will sell at a profit and we will get an owner who isn't cheap and wants to win. Win-win situation.
  13. Terribly ran franchise. Just no other way around it. Maybe I spend my money to watch Detroit after they get Bridges. Fun, young team with a competent front office. Go Pistons? The Hornets sure do think so.
  14. Not me. This is minor league team bad. This is what poverty franchise fans do. They say, well at least we got something when we literally lost value from an easy win situation.
  15. Nah, the Panthers have been to the SB a few times in recent memory. They have been to the big games. They just cannot win it. The Hornets haven't been remotely close since the old Hornets days of the 90s/early 2000s.
  16. Yes, pretty much. This is why Charlotte will never go anywhere further than borderline playoff team. Moves like this. The Detroit Lions of the NBA.
  17. This may be one of the dumbest draft day trades I have ever seen any sports franchise do. That is saying something. The 13th pick for a mid 20s pick in 2025. You had a chance to draft two really promising players and said, nah man. Lamelo is gone in a few years. No wonder Kenny said no to this poverty franchise.
  18. He should be cut. Need more time for younger guys and 9 million is too much for a backup/3rd string center.
  19. Snyder is the only option to salvage this. Offer him big money and get it done MJ.
  20. Well, POVERTY. So sad that one of the meccas of basketball, North Carolina, has to deal with such a poverty franchise at the pro level. Smh.
  21. I have slept on this pick as head coach. I now have some clarity. This pick was still a terrible choice. Bad.
  22. Basically, he is just Bames Jorrego. Love his mustache. Looks familiar. :+)
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