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  1. Household names and solid players are two different things. They lacked talent at key positions. That is all that matters. QB, DEs, LBs. It does matter that Reich was able to win as many games as he did with this knowledge in place. Agree to disagree but I won't stoop to intelligence insults.
  2. Meh, not household names. The ones that are household names are washed up. Lack of talent but no excuses Ike that here.
  3. I have asked a lot of fans to name 2 players from the colts over the past few years. Silence. No QBs. No household names.
  4. The guy has a SB ring as an OC. Went 40-33 with a Colts franchise that has lacked talent. With good OC/DC selections this could go well. Hopeful, and glad it isn't Wilks. Reich is good at coaching up QBs.
  5. Wilks will play a boring, pound the football style offense that doesn't work in today's game. He will have a solid defense and a terrible offense. Go 10-24 in his first 2 years and get canned. Save this. Bookmark it. Ya heard it here first.
  6. They sure didn't want him coaching when they didn't show up in several key games.
  7. Nobody wanted us and nobody else wanted Wilks. We got each other though. 6-11 for life. Everyone better get on the mediocre bus now before it takes off.
  8. If we pick Wilks, we will be right back here in 2 years. Looking for a new coach, QB, and GM. The guy is a coordinator at best. No other interviews for him for HC or coordinator roles. That is very telling.
  9. Panthers are becoming the Hornets. Nobody wants to work for our owner, so we revert back to old coaches who don't work. Basically, we get the scraps.
  10. This is going exactly like things go for the Hornets. Maybe Charlotte is not a desirable city. You could move the team to Raleigh. :+)
  11. But a SB win isn't a mistake though :+) I would take a SB win and mediocre over 10 years of competitive. You cannot take away that trophy or the memories.
  12. If Wilks is hired, we will be right back here in a year or 2. Needing a coach, probably a new GM, and a QB. This team is becoming a poverty franchise just like the Hornets. Charlotte pro sports everyone.
  13. The Panthers are starting to do what the Hornets do each year. Mediocre play and mediocre picks. Meh time. Charlotte sports everyone.
  14. Nice, another meaningless win. Awesome guys. Will find our franchise QB at 10 I guess. Hornets is that you?
  15. Loser franchise now with Tepper at the helm. Probably sign Wilkes and be right back here in a year or too. This time we will be the ones begging.
  16. Lamelo opinion here: Ceiling: Jason Kidd with better shooting percentages. Floor: Andre Miller with slightly better scoring He is the number 2 option on a championship caliber team. Which isn't terrible. They need a number 1 though to compliment his game.
  17. Hey, at least we have the Nuggets pick to look forward to instead of Jalen Duren.
  18. Classic Hornets. I expect them to find a way to finish in that 8th to 12th pick range again. Jordan is too scared to lose money as an owner, so he is constantly in win now mode which causes these meh sort of seasons which lead to the once in a while top 5 pick. You either suck for a few years to collect top talent or come out of pocket for top talent. Since top talent doesn't want to come here you have one choice here. Just tank it up this season. Sell all assets not named Lamelo to the highest bidder and start over.
  19. I will be watching. No Lamelo though seems to spell disaster for the team. Going to be hard to beat a good N.O team. That city is always "lucky" when it comes to getting great draft picks/players.
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