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  1. 15 minutes ago, run-run-pass-punt said:

    I didn't want Darnold, but... let's just. let. this. thing. play. out.

    Good or bad move, time will tell.

    You realize that if he throws a bad pass in his very first series with us in the preseason, people will be declaring that he's a bust and they knew it and they don't need to see anymore, right?

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  2. 10 minutes ago, GoobyPls said:

    Nope but that’s why you keep trying, the same way we gave up Clausen for Cam which was the best decision this franchise ever made, the decision your were against.

    You and me have different definition of led, Cam led us to a SB, Jake was part of a good team.

    Oh no there’s film evidence out there, Darnold is a bad QB, none of the QB in this year draft have 3 seasons worth of horrible tape out there, matter of fact Darnold led the nation in turnovers his last season at USC so he had 4 years of horrible film lmao.

    One things certain your jumping through hoops trying to push a false narrative that I debunked in my first reply.

    Yet somehow there are numerous analysts saying they believe Darnold can revolve his career here.

    Also, quick tip: the least effective way to convince anyone that you're smart, you're winning, you're cool, etc  is to tell them that you are.

  3. 11 minutes ago, GoobyPls said:

    Lmao what kind of moron doesn’t want an mvp caliber QB. We get it you like hog mollies like Gettleman you made it quite clear over the years.

    I never shifted anything, I stated from the beginning picking a QB in the first round has led to more success and is what I want. The only long period of time our franchise has had somewhat sustained success was with a first round QB.

    And you can guarantee an MVP caliber quarterback at our pick?  This despite that long list of first round busts you gave earlier in the thread.

    Riiiight 😄

    And I'm guessing you weren't around for that Delhomme guy. You know, the castoff who led us to our first Super Bowl? Or was that before your time?

    10 minutes ago, GoobyPls said:

    That’s how the nfl works nowadays, Darnold sucks so now the jets are moving on. 3 seasons is more than enough.

    This isn’t your granddaddy’s  nfl

    Oy 🙄

    I can't definitively say whether Darnold is going to be great or not. Neither do you nor anybody else know whether any of the first round quarterbacks taken this year will. 

    The one thing I do know is you have such consistently awful takes on this board that your advocating something basically serves as a de facto argument against it.

  4. 2 minutes ago, Little Goody Two Shoes said:

    I saw this on the news ticker and knew him being a Chapel Hill guy. He's from Florida though. Let one of those teams have him. Rhule said he wanted to get younger on offense and I agree with that.

    Bengals beat writer mentioned that his dad doesn't like traveling to games so playing in Miami where his family lives has some appeal to him.

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