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  1. - He'll turn into a good player here - We won't be able to re-sign him - Some team will give him a big contract - He'll suck again - Then we'll sign him back the following year
  2. Wasn't one of the main complaints about our receiving corp last year all the dropped passes? Now throw Ted Ginn in the frame and then you have the possibility of Stephen Hill making the roster if we carry six wide outs.... Oh and Kelvin. Perriman is a dangerous pick. He has the ability to be the best wide out in the class but he also has the ability to flake. If we were set at the wide receiver position I'd be all for Perriman, but right now we need reliable candidates for Cam and Strong fits the bill much more than Perriman does. Some times the safe play is the smart play. And for what it's worth, Perriman's game speed doesn't look even close to being 4.2esque. There are guys running him down in straight line sprints in his highlight videos.
  3. If he is a averaging 12 and 6 in 2 years I'll eat crow, and I know you'll remember.
  4. No it's because Kaminsky's game doesn't translate. He's a weak big man who is too slow to play the four. You have no arguement because you're wrong (and usually are), plain and simple. I've also never seen someone flex after getting a rebound over someone that they are 15 inches taller than.
  5. Zeller also is a hell of a lot quicker than Kaminsky and much more athletic which makes Zeller a better fit in the NBA because he can slot into that stretch four position. I guarantee you that if we have the 10th pick it ain't gonna be used on bullwinkle.
  6. Lol he has no right to bash anyone. He's not even a top 10 prospect and yet he thinks he can bash a Charlotte team that plays a more exciting (hard to believe, I know) style of basketball than Wisconsin. He's a weak 7 footer that will get exposed in the NBA because he's too slow to play the stretch four and too weak to play the five spot.
  7. He called us boring and cited that as one of the reasons he decided to return to college (some of the NBA teams are boring). He can take his bull winkle looking ass elsewhere for all I care. He's too weak to play in the NBA anyway.
  8. The same guy that bashed Charlotte last year.... No thanks
  9. Yeah Todd came up to Virginia for a few days to hang out with him so we all got together and just hung out (taught him how to snowboard etc.) and then I asked my friend if he would want to play for Carolina and he said that he'd definitely enjoy putting the Panthers uniform on.
  10. I'm good friends with Gurley's best friend and for what it's worth, he said he'd love to play for Carolina.
  11. Lol go home you're drunk. Griffin is only 25 and is consistently a top five power forward in the league. He's a very good defender and when he's on offensively, he's unstoppable. As for Gobert being better than Vucevic, I'll cut you some slack. But no way in hell is he better. Vucevic has been a top three center in the league this year. His offensive game is 100X times better than Gobert's and he's also a really underrated defender. Not many bigs can go one-on-one with Al Jefferson, Vucevic not only goes one-on-one with Big Al, he dominates him.
  12. Over the next 7 years if I had to make a 15 player all-star team, the team would consist of.... PG: Stephen Curry, Russell Westbrook, Damian Lillard SG: James Harden, Klay Thompson, Jimmy Butler SF: Kevin Durant, Kawhi Leonard, Gordon Hayward PF: Anthony Davis, Blake Griffin, Kevin Love C: DeMarcus Cousins, Nikola Vucevic, Andre Drummond Honorable mention to John Wall, Derrick Rose, DeMar DeRozan, Victor Oladipo, Paul George, Andrew Wiggins, Derrick Favors, Greg Monroe, Enes Kanter, and Brook Lopez.
  13. Anthony Davis is still the correct answer. If he was in a big-time market he'd be getting MVP considerations. He should be a fricken Hornet. But I still love you MKG.
  14. Good for him, I haven't watched many Rockets games but it's nice to hear that he's stepped up and isn't in it for just the fame and the paycheck.
  15. Harden is like Kyrie to me. Great offensive player but doesn't play a sh*t of defense and because of that I want nothing to do with either. In our system they would do more harm than good.
  16. Here's Williams's record breaking 100 meter performance. Looks like it was filmed from a cell phone but whatever...
  17. I'm assuming the comment wasn't geared toward him being a "locker room cancer" but more toward the fact that if you have a solid locker room presence that Hardy is less likely to get caught up in those questionable decisions that started affecting his personal life. However, Carolina has had an extremely strong locker room presence in the past with guys like Stewart, Olsen, Kalil, Gross, Wharton, Kuechly, Davis, etc. and that didn't make much of a difference. To be fair to the Raiders, this has been done before. The Texas Rangers at one point specifically geared their locker room toward Josh Hamilton and there were certain players on the team that kept Hamilton in check (i.e. away from alcohol and drugs).
  18. Yeah pretty much... It's just to provide insurance to fans and give them news. Most Panther fans probably knew we weren't going to sign Randall Cobb but just in case they didn't; Voth, Person, Newton, etc... made sure to tell us that we weren't in the running for Cobb. It's just typical media hoopla. The great minds of the media are the one's that hit the home runs on the little stories that aren't obvious. For instance, I believe Igo was the first one to break the news about the Teddy Williams signing (kudos to him).
  19. A blind squirrel could have told you the Raiders were going to have interest in Hardy. Let's see... Team has a bunch of cap space and no standards regarding player behavior.... let's put two and and two together and see what we get.
  20. Yeah the presence of the Walter Payton Man of The Year didn't mean jack poo so..... Hardy beats to his own drum, it doesn't matter what type of locker room presence that your team has.
  21. It must be nice when your brand is so tainted that people except certain things out of you. *end sarcasm
  22. We wouldn't have gotten blitzed by Minnesota, that's for sure. Probably would have won the Cincy game to. So at least 9-7.
  23. Imagine Colin Jones and Teddy Williams running down the field at you lol. Good luck.
  24. That's a pretty size-able contract for guy who has 3 tackles and 1 reception in his entire career. His agent must be pretty solid. Williams was on a $570K contract last year.
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