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  1. Bruce Arians postgame: Cam made some plays and Mike Shula was prepared.
  2. Greg Olsen: We hired Ron Rivera is 2011 and this was his vision that we exectued.
  3. Flying into New Orleans around 3:30 for a conference. Can't wait to get off that plane and waltz through the terminal covered in Panthers gear. If anyone has any sugegstions for good spots to watch the game in and around the hotel distrct/Harrah's/etc, let me know. The only suitable place that I've been to in the area is some bar owned by Archie Manning, I think.
  4. change your diapers during the next break. it's a football game.
  5. 5-0, leading at halftime. All teams leave points on the field.
  6. Collinsworth and Michaels have been praising the Panthers the entire game...the O line, Short, Kuechly, Davis, Norman, Olsen, Cam, Stewart...
  7. Meme would be better if it said "FOLLOW ME ON TWATTER"
  8. Look at you coming in here with your facts and your definitions and your knowledge. We don't need any of that!
  9. So let me get this straight - he has been "cleared as a suspect" even though the PD said prior to the draft that he was "not a suspect?"
  10. Lots of pre-draft rumors that the Dolphins hoped he'd be there. We'll see...
  11. Going to meet some friends tomorrow night for rounds two and three and will be bringing some of Miss Crumpy's Hot Wings with me (Atlanta residents - if ya don't know now ya know). Staying in tonight with the wifey. Got some Benton's bacon so I'm going to make some fresh pasta when I get home and whip up some carbonara then make some bacon cheddar and fresh herb scones with the leftover bacon.
  12. Oh yeah? Undergrad in Economics and Urban Planning from 2000-2004; MA in Applied Economics from 2005-2006. When were you there?
  13. I've lived here since 2006, having moved after I finished grad school at UNCG. I've lived in Alpharetta, Midtown, and now Candler Park. Happy to answer any questions you may have via PM.
  14. A few background tidbits: The Saints traded away their first round pick the year before Bountygate, so there was no first round pick for the NFL to strip that year. Ergo, two second round picks for Bountygate. Other recent draft pick penalties (sourced form a reddit post): http://www.reddit.com/r/nfl/comments/2upd36/is_there_a_list_of_teams_who_have_been_stripped/
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