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  1. Odds are at least one of these guys gets hurt before the season so it's nice to have some quality depth
  2. I have to think the SB did nothing to disprove Gettlemans philosophy that games are won in the trenches. I would expect we make shoring up both lines a priority,. Hog Mollies come on down!
  3. Who would have thought we would score more points in the second half than the first?
  4. Well we've proven that if we are only going to rush four that they will score on us so maybe we will go back to doing what stopped them cold.
  5. Wonder if we get to 100 yards rushing today.
  6. They are putting their whole defense on the line of scrimmage.
  7. More proof that a disruptive pass rush can impact even the best QB.
  8. Brady is going to feel that one in the morning.
  9. Runs been coaching for this on sides kick since halftime so I hope he has them coached up.
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