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  1. He had a segment on the NFL draft and QB prospects a couple weeks ago that I thought was 100% on point. he then usually follows up segments like that with some stupid hot take which I get that killing credibility with some.
  2. So, he’s full of crap at times, but at others he’s one of the more insightful people on the radio as far as big picture stuff go.
  3. I’d do it if we got Rodgers for nothing, and still drafted Stroud/Young with the first. Word is the jets are only offering a 2nd and a conditional 3rd net year at the moment.
  4. I've said the entire time that yes, Young is the better player between him and Stroud, but Youngs size makes me nervous. There is nothing that makes me nervous about Stroud. And thats why Stroud is the better pick to me.
  5. It’s hard unless you’re about the money and you look at their tax rate
  6. If Josh McCown wasn’t our QB coach I’d be a lot more concerned about this. Literally who could we have better than McCown for this job?
  7. Last years QB’s were garbage, it was said as much at the time.
  8. Is the European calendar format. D/m/y instead of m/d/y. It actually makes more since
  9. I dont know, but I do like to listen to Dan Patrick and Colin Cowherd a lot so I could have very well picked up this train of thought from either of them. Colin is full of crap with what he says sometimes, but at others he may be one of the more insightful people in sports talk radio. two of my must listen to radio programs, it will literally make you a better educated sports fan.
  10. What I've been saying about the combine in recent years is that the combine is there for you to either do a direct comparison or find a red flags. with red flags being the main thing you're looking for. You should have players on your board based on their tape, and only drop based on things you find out as you go through the process.
  11. Richardsons game tape passing the ball is not great at all. Projects dont go in round 1, but someone may still bite because unlike last year, there is gonna be a run on QB's early.
  12. So, I wanted to share some broader picture food for thought from a long-time offseason huddle vet. There has been a lot of chatter around the Panthers trade that can be straight up ignored, headlines such as us being willing to trade back, us keeping all the QBs open as options, and Tepper liking Young and Reich liking Stroud, yada yada yada, Its all meaningless hype and conversations starters for the Draft which is still 46 days out. The NFL pushes these narratives because they want fans to remain involved and excited for the Draft. After all, if the Panthers came out and said who they were drafting right now, which there would be nothing to stop them from doing just that at this point, it would kill the ratings for the early draft order because right now you'd pretty much know it 46 days out if they said who it was now. Yes, some hardcore fans like us would tune in anyway to watch, but your casual fans wouldn't the moment they knew who the pick was, and that's the reason for all the misdirection headlines we have read since the trade happened. Also, if you're newer to watching the Draft, the NFL used to let the teams make the announcement way in advance, and they made them stop doing that before the Draft just for this very reason. I think once, the player even had the contract worked out before the Draft. Something else to consider: You only spend that capital on a trade if you're 100% sure who you'll draft, especially considering part of the cost was DJ Moore. Because DJ Moore is part of the trade package, Panthers have already decided who they are drafting and are 100% all on board. Tepper would have had to sign off on a trade like this, so this narrative that the Tepper and Reich are split is entirely false. And with that said, the Panthers, in a roundabout way, have said who they're drafting, but I'm not going to spoil it for yall if you haven't figured it out yet. It's Stroud btw
  13. Got to do what you got to do for a QB, but this price was steep….
  14. Sad to see him go, love that we got the first pick, hate that we traded DJ Moore.
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