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  1. Apparently you’ve suppressed memories of Jimmy Clausen.... you know the last QB that Weis spoke highly of coming out of college. Lol
  2. https://www.espn.com/blog/new-england-patriots/post/_/id/4822261/charlie-weis-raves-about-mac-jones-as-potential-patriots-qb-of-future only old school fans will understand why....
  3. This 1000% I don’t feel bad for players being cry babies. Millions of people would trade places with them a d rather have their tough choices to make.
  4. Only direct quote I’ve heard from him was anywhere but NE. Not exactly how the story is spinning it.
  5. yeah, everyone is pretty much late to this party at this point. its going to crash eventually as people who are sitting on more money than they make in a year bail. if youve made life changing money and dont bail at this point youre insane. some idiots are gonna hold out too long and will lose their ass
  6. we have 8 not 7, bad info people jumping to say something without any backing. im glad it didnt work out then 8th is too high a price for Stafford. Stafford 5 years ago id given 2 first and then some. not today.
  7. So here is my take on the win situation: if we get: Watson - super bowl contenders long term solution to an issue Stafford - playoffs, short term solution to an issues Draft - we will see in 2 years, possible bust, possible ok, possible franchise QB. I see trading for a QB as a lot less risky than drafting for one. If we get either of these qb’s in a draft outside of LT we need to go all in on defense, namely LB’er and CB.
  8. It didn’t extend his contract only moved his money around. Nobody complained when he signed his original.
  9. Look at our cap situation, next year we are projected to have $130m in cap space and the year after we another +60m with Shaq and bridgewaters contracts being very cut’able if we wanted another 20+ million on top of that. complaining shorts contract currently with those numbers is Irrelevant. If we can’t do what we want the next few years with those numbers you need to be fired. our biggest hold up is we need a QB, until we have another franchise QB we are in a forever hiding pattern. Look at the current playoffs. Unless you have a good QB you’re not getting there in today NFL.
  10. I stand corrected finally found the article referencing the restructure. But so what, it helped us then and only hurt a little bit. We are mainly focused on being done with the overhaul in 2 more years anyway based on contracts so it will be off the books by then regardless. shy of us getting Watson the Panthers will be in rebuild mode for another 2 years at least with a perfect draft. Keep that in mind, only us Getting Watson will move that timeline up.
  11. Who thought that when it happened? I don’t remember hearing anyone complain at all at the time. Yeah I’m hind sight it was a bad contract. But that happens sometimes, that’s not something a GM could control.
  12. Blunder? How so, would you have not signed KK at that point? I know it didn’t work out. But unless you have a secret ability to see into the future, nobody argued when KK signed.
  13. They are luxuries only when you’re spending $10-12m a year on them
  14. What is the best case that a #1 CB can do in a game? shut down 1 players, easily beat by just passing away from him. I’d rather have a top shelf LBer or DL that can affect multiple aspects of every play than a CB that really only comes in handy 2-4 times a year. CB’s are luxuries if you don’t have the other pieces in place. If you have a solid defense in place already they’re amazing to have. See 2015 panthers defense. But otherwise they are expensive money pits that should be used elsewhere. also see Josh Norman and the redskins after signing him.
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