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  1. Meh. Jeff Bezos owning a team would be interesting. Just from the seeing how unlimited money behind a team would look. but I don’t think the owners want someone that rich in their club either.
  2. I don’t know why we didn’t take Wilson with the 3rd. I know the injury history but we also had Thomas Davis on this team.
  3. Getting the 2nd round pick next year was huge. Definitely like the trade
  4. Bill showed us this is the most important thing to do for 20 years in New England and it’s like they’ve finally starting to realize this is what matters. if we protected Cam better and doesn’t get that injury we are completely different team today.
  5. Good god I hope we don’t go CB with us having the pick of the defensive players. said it when Horn was drafted. CB’s are luxury picks, when you have everything else wrapped up. Not defensive foundation players.
  6. They do this for the TV. Your first 7 ish picks are usually pretty automatic. They could do them all in 5 minutes but it would hurt the tv side if they did it that way.
  7. Love that take and gif combo. Very true, they never seem to succeed no matter what they choose. Just like the Browns.
  8. There are 3 QB’s in this draft that I like hands down better than Bryce Young. One being Drake Maye who just said on Dan Patrick show earlier today that the team he wished he could be the QB for is Carolina. Dude grew up a Panthers fan, could have easily had him this year if not for the idiotic trade for young last year. I also said last year that I was cool with the trade as long as it was for Stroud. That trade for Young was pure stupidity imo.
  9. Just saw your last post, not a bad choice, definitely better off getting John Deere’s from the dealer than Lowe’s. Always buy from the dealer on these when you can.
  10. I'm a dude that knows his mowers, how much yard are you cutting? 1/4 acre? 1/2 acre 1 acre? or more?
  11. Worked so well for us last year! No idea why we aren’t rushing out there to sign another especially so with few areas of needs on the team!/s
  12. TD would be an amazing LB’ers coach right now. I remember back in 2015 teams would show film of him when they wanted to show text book how to do something. TD would have been a hall of famer I think if not for the injuries
  13. Ask yourself this: How many Panthers players on offense would start on the Lions right now? the answer is NOBODY!! In 2022-2023 we would have had CMC and DJ Moore, but last year and now? No one. Not a single player.
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