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  1. I can sum up the Horn pick with one example, would you rather have Luke Keuchly in His prime or Josh Norman in his prime? I don’t know anyone here who wouldn’t take Keuchly, and that’s my point MLB > CB. Plus if Horn does turn into what we hope he will be once he is off his rookie contract he it will be cost prohibitive to keep him. we had a chance to pick the best LB’er in the draft but instead took a CB(that may also be the best CB). we have also been trying to replace Gross for years and we had our chance again and passed again. I’m sure Horn will turn out fine. I’m
  2. I didn’t argue the talent, only that you draft for current needs, not one that may appear in a year. We made this mistake before with Butler. Wasted a first on him. draft to address your current needs.
  3. Overall draft Grade: C 1. Horn. Based on Horn alone it’s an A. But based on our team needs this pick was an F. Wasting a top 10 pick on a CB when you have serious needs at more prominent positions can’t be said to be anything but a failure of a choice. 2. Marshall. Again another wasted pick, you pick to address current needs, not one that may arise in another year. Spending a 2nd on a maybe 3rd option on our WR roster for this year is an absolute joke. F 3a. Christensen. Solid pick for the 3rd, actually addresses a team need. A+ 3b. Tremble. A Meh so what Pick, bett
  4. I’m not saying believe women without question, I work in law enforcement and know better than that. I also know you don’t normally get 20+ complaints when you’re acting like a saint.
  5. They are not the same situation. Ben had 1 accuser. Watson has 20+.
  6. I will say this the people trying to argue the case to clear Watson, why do you care? He isn’t coming here, not after these allegations he would be lucky to play football again at this current rate. find something else to focus on than a lost cause.
  7. No, I do work in criminal justice though, all states may have different names for the same thing but they all operate about the same.
  8. the SBI would be it. They may take it because of the high profile status of the case but as far as jurisdictional issues they can deny taking it until the HPD refers it to them, the SBI can’t just take over without a good cause of being requested by the HPD. a plaintiff can’t exactly decide which agency will investigate their case because that is dictated by the location the offense occurred. while I am personally suspect of the validity of the case because so far there has been no evidence given, or shared with the proper authorities. Which is leading me to believe it’s BS. Criminal conv
  9. People say games aren’t fixed, but I remember the Panthers scoring 3-4 TD’s on a single drive that kept getting called back on phantom calls after Katrina. also can’t tell me the no calls on all the helmet to helmets on Cam weren’t a fix either!
  10. In my opinion. 1. QB 2. LT 3. MLB any other suggestions to me are laughable. It’s these by a mile, everything else isn’t close
  11. Apparently you’ve suppressed memories of Jimmy Clausen.... you know the last QB that Weis spoke highly of coming out of college. Lol
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