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  1. Wtf? You mean she took issue with just having to repost things by their internal reporters/reporters? That’s silly
  2. I dont care about social media, Facebook and twitter imo are really just there for the people that like attention. It’s one of the worst things to ever happen to us as a society but it’s also here to stay unfortunately. the Panthers social media team was straight fire for a long time tho
  3. That’s an interior D-line and MLB issue, I know they’ve publicly have said MLB will be looked at.
  4. Yes, but I also called this before the draft….. so there were signs he was an all pro starter beforehand too
  5. Herbert was my favorite QB in that draft, you can go back and look at my posts if you don’t believe me, devastated that he went before us but there is nothing we could have done about that. Just bad luck there….
  6. I’d just like to note for the record that I flipped out and couldn’t believe we drafted Horn instead of Parson and Slater and caught a lot of flack for it on this forum. yeah I may be an asshole at times but I’m far more right than not, especially when it comes to the draft.
  7. I think he’s retiring out right, maybe they could get him as a consultant. But his days as a GM are over by his choice.
  8. I propose us as a fan base do a Cam Newton appreciation day! On February 1st “2/1” which represents Cam’s College and Panthers Jersey Numbers. On February 1, 2022, Post a memorable picture of Cam or about a fond memory from your favorite game and tag Cam and the Panthers on social media. Lets show Cam that regardless of our shitty coach and questionable ownership, that the Fans appreciate him always and forever as the Superman that he was for us! Keep Pounding!
  9. Oh no doubt, I mentioned and raised the Tepper v Tomlin issue when the Panthers were in the ownership hunt. My point then was that being too reactionary as a owner is a bad thing and that’s how you end up being the Browns, and we need to be like the Steelers because firing Tomlin was crazy. And now everyone is hoping we react and fire Rhule now, little bit of irony there but I do believe Rhule was mistake when we hired him and we need to cut our losses.
  10. In all fairness that was also the year they should have won the super bowl, and completely melted down the entire season(by Steelers standards). Probably still his most talented team that just wiffed
  11. I think it’s that, and a lot of Rhule’s mistakes would be off the books by then, and the new coach would actually have a draft. Rhule already set next year up for failure, Bad new contracts, no draft picks, not a lot of salary cap. Thankfully after next season as long as they don’t do anything stupid this year we should be sitting pretty. what we need to do this year is focus on keeping a few key starters and focus on the O-line. Chances are we will suck next year so would be nice actually having our draft picks too
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