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  1. Probably at the end of the season. Not much reason to fire a GM right now, because you can’t hire anyone at the moment and will only have a vacant spot. The billion dollar question I want answered is who picked Bryce Young over CJ Stroud? If it really was Tepper meddling, ain’t much we can do, but anyone associated with this decision deserves to be fired.
  2. I did hear that the soccer coach was about to have a player revolt on their hands if not for being fired.
  3. No idea, the bigger names that can be picky would probably turn this down. But his tenure here has been a complete disaster.
  4. He was apart of something special here, like us he’s sad to see how far we have fallen.
  5. Just figured I’d throw this out there for the Halo fans in the crowed! There is plenty of content and game modes finally. A ton to do, and a lot of fun. They’re also releasing a free 20 level battle pass today and if you do the other battle passes in reverse order 5-1. You can actually do them all for only buying one if you save the credits.
  6. I’m curious to see this, I never thought Ken Dorsey would work out. But I’m very interested to see what Brady does.
  7. 2001 offense had a few moments of competency. Our defensive backfield was just hot garbage and couldn’t stop anyone!
  8. I’d be for it! Jim’s been at the top of my list for years!
  9. So who do you think gets fired first? Pie for whoever gets closest to time and whoever gets the axe first! my money is on Fitter and probably around 4pm this afternoon! Go!
  10. No more excuses! None, zip, nada! I don’t want to hear it, I heard them before the draft, after the draft, after he has been a complete disaster of a QB! I’m tired of it!
  11. Man, only if someone said before the draft that the first pick should be stroud and it’s not even close!?! I don’t even get paid to throw out fire advice like that!
  12. Whoever decided Young over Stroud needs to be fired. If it’s Tepper he needs to come out and apologize to the fans. I said it the entire time pre-draft that it should be Stroud and it’s not even close. I still think it was never close imo.
  13. That was my take after Luke retired. The top rated LB’er of the draft was sitting there for us from LB U and we went with a luxery pick? Was so stupid imo at the time. Top tier LB’ers are far more versatile and valuable to me than a CB. Shut down corners are nice, but they’re luxuries not necessities.
  14. Means I was right and some people need to eat crow. That’s all. Not witch hunting and naming names but they probably know who they were. Just saying
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