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  1. I’ve lost 17lbs this year for mostly just eating cleaner, avoiding beer. first 3 weeks sucked but once my body adjusted I was just fine
  2. Hot takes are rarely accurate and really don’t deserve any attention.
  3. So maybe an announcement tomorrow?
  4. I always thought James Bradberry was overrated for the contract he got. Just the eye test alone he was nowhere near as good as Josh Norman. He was a good CB but I never considered him a shut down CB. He got shut down money
  5. Watson’s contract is way too much, especially with the issues surrounding him and possible/likely suspension coming. honesty feel like we dodged a bullet the moment his contract with the browns was announced.
  6. this perception isnt reality, no he never turned into the next Julius Peppers, but he's had an above average to good career by NFL standards. to say he went pro and did nothing is straight up lying to yourself about him.
  7. He actually had a decent year with the Browns last season, and has a decent career. He's been productive 3 probowls and a 2nd team allpro. thats above average and I'd take him. hes just a bit light for a True DE. more like a OLB for a 3-4.
  8. Their moves make sense now is the main thing. They got off the rails last year and got off the plan. Clearly they got back on it. That’s the most encouraging thing to me. I think after this off-season it’s clear that Rhule was running the show last year and this year he isn’t. Which is a good thing because Rhule was clearly outside of his depth. the difference is night and day. hopefully they are also clear sign people to big contracts too soon thing after how the Darnold and Anderson contracts blew up in their face. Neither player deserved the contract they got.
  9. Just remember, many of the people that hand out these grades had Willis going in the top 10 of this draft. Take it for what it’s worth…. Nothing
  10. Brandon Smith from the Linebacker school! I’ll take it!
  11. Before this thread gets carried away any further. Corral played in the SEC and Grier played in the Big 12. the defenses these two faced in college are two different things altogether.
  12. Howell regressed over his college career, he got worse every year he was the starter. Now that could be caused by a myriad of issues. But Corral has a better body of work and stats than Howell. im a UNC fan fwiw.
  13. This, I took it more or less a oops, shouldn’t have said that. He said Corral was the future, which he believes but for team chemistry reasons shouldn’t have admitted.
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