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  1. Lol we still doing call out threads in here. I understand calling out Saints trolls but two of those guys you tagged have been here as long as me. We get passes for being wrong on occasion. You will too if you’ve been here 15+ years (17 years here myself)
  2. They don’t offer it for my local CBS affiliate
  3. What are the best ways to watch games? I literally can’t watch any cbs games at my house. Any streaming service providers offer a Sunday ticket esq option? Help a Huddler out! also 2-0!
  4. Matt Rhule just did something very important. He saw that Darnold was getting bad tunnel vision on CMC and sat CMC so he wouldn’t have that option anymore. Some may hate it but tunnel vision Like that is bad. glad he sat CMC to see what Darnold would do
  5. Liking the game today, red zone offense still has me concerned but that pass play to DJ was magnificent. overall, call me cautiously optimistic on the season!
  6. 3rd downs and the inability to get in the end zone 2 years in a row is definitely a coaching issue.
  7. So Sam Darnold is already an improvement over bridgewater. Noticeable improvement.
  8. So IMO if we can’t figure out how to get in the end zone it’s gonna be a very long season. another year kicking field goals isn’t gonna cut it
  9. Push off anyone? Seriously Dallas got Robbed!
  10. If it makes you feel better I haven’t thought we’d be any good since before last season, hated Teddy Bridgewater signing and Darnold remains to be seen. part of the reason I’ve barely posted at all this season.
  11. I can sum up the Horn pick with one example, would you rather have Luke Keuchly in His prime or Josh Norman in his prime? I don’t know anyone here who wouldn’t take Keuchly, and that’s my point MLB > CB. Plus if Horn does turn into what we hope he will be once he is off his rookie contract he it will be cost prohibitive to keep him. we had a chance to pick the best LB’er in the draft but instead took a CB(that may also be the best CB). we have also been trying to replace Gross for years and we had our chance again and passed again. I’m sure Horn will turn out fine. I’m not knocking the player, only that we had far bigger needs and spent the pick on a Luxury position. CB’s in the first are completely fine when you have other positions of need filled. LT and MLB are just straight up more important without question. then our second round pick as I said before issue again isn’t talent. But he was drafted to address a need that “might” arise in a year. And that’s why it’s a terrible pick. You a draft of fill current needs, here I’d rather we had addressed Tackle or maybe drafted a Safety. Positions we need help at now. Instead we drafted what would be our 3rd or 4th option at receiver with CMC (who everyone is forgetting is on the team and has had 100 catch season before) back? Terrible pick based on team needs. the only pick which truely addressed a current need on the team in a big way was Christensen. And he’s probably going to be a project for now anyway.
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