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  1. Late again, but Happy New Year!

  2. If I was anywhere near these ladies at the time I would have made every conceivable effort to be the soap man I assure you. ;)

  3. I use to do a little partying around Linden.

  4. Thanks for all the detailed write ups from mini-camp yesterday. Good stuff.

  5. I miss construction.

  6. Wow it has been a while. Good to here from you.

  7. Howdy ma'am. I hope you're well. BTW I like Sharon's Diner over Cracker Barrel any day.

  8. Good deal. Congratulations on the not smoking. You are on the short rows now. It should be all psychological from here on out. It has been 5 years for me and I still have a thought of one once or twice a month. As the days click by those moments stretch out further apart. Good luck.

  9. Your's isn't too bad either. ;)

  10. I was just giving her a hard time. It comes natural.

  11. Thanks for the thread and happy Valentine's Day.

  12. Why the hell am I not one of your friends? Good luck with that quitting smoking. Glen and I did it together as well, but she cheated a few times before she gave them up for good.

  13. Glen said she peed about a cup or so yesterday on the carpet. It was raining and she wouldn't go outside. She held it as long as she could I guess and didn't try to make it to the carpet. I think she usually pees less than a 1/4 cup. I guess this means her bladder is getting bigger. Good news!

  14. Nope, but I did catch her getting ready to go on the pad yesterday and picked her up and took her outside. We may have to give that a try though.

  15. Well she hasn't chewed on the walls anymore. Glen got her some rawhide chew chips. She loves those things. That seems to be an excellent deterrent. Boy I can't wait for her to get potty trained though. :(

  16. She got her first spanking the day before yesterday; it was more of a slap on the rump followed by a yelling Ajax wouldn't take off. She was chewing the paint off our walls. I felt pretty bad about it, but she knew I meant business. It was the third time I caught her doing it. The pee problem still isn't getting any better though.

  17. Happy Birthday - I hope it is good

  18. Nice av and better profile pic. I expect some huddle kittens soon.:cool:

  19. When did you sneak in here? Happy New Year.

  20. As for the dog. You can't have her. I'm afraid I have become attached. She will have to mess up pretty bad, however she did pee on my blanket last night. I about lost it.

  21. Nice sig! :cheers2:

  22. Zod has a nose for butt. Nice pic while it lasts.

  23. Merry Christmas to you too. You need to work on your profile pic.

  24. Merry Christmas! You have got to see this new puppy. She'll melt your heart.

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