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  1. I was hesitant on Snow when he was first hired, but seeing the scheme evolve throughout last year and now this year has gotten my hopes up on the potential on the defense. As far as Burns goes, pay that man sooner rather than later because I feel his price is about to go WAY up!
  2. Did it with the thought of trying to fortify the lines for the future as well as bringing more of a spread look that Brady ran when he was OC at LSU.
  3. I will admit that I was lost when FA began with what the FO was doing, but after letting the smoke clear from yesterday, I think that the D will be much improved and gives us a chance to be more competitive next year. The main concern on everyone's mind is injuries, but if that can be mitigated and a few more pieces in the back added via draft/FA, this D would cause a LOT of havoc due to the versatility of fronts that can be deployed.
  4. This is one of those wait and see signings. I don't believe that this will move the needle that much as far as O-Line improvement but stranger things have happened. Anyone have idea of contract structure?
  5. I would definitely kick the tires on this to see if the move could be made.
  6. In one word: Optimistic. Hurney is gone, and we seem to have drafted some real talent after all considering how bereft everyone thought that we were, especially on defense. Bridgewater did kill some of the optimism in the back half of the season with his regression, but overall I feel that 1-2 more solid to excellent drafts and good FA targeting/resigning, we could be a perennial playoff team sooner than later. I actually think we can finally break the curse of not having back to back winning seasons...and that's saying something.
  7. Hope that they put Kevin Sumlin's name into the search...he would be the perfect coach for Cam at this point. Hopefully JR has learned from the Jim Harbaugh situation and go offense with the next coach. No more defensive coaches please.
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