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  1. That would make for a very happy thanksgiving... I'll take two please. :D

  2. :yikes: More of this in your PM box... but it's nsfw... 339ukqv.jpg

  3. Holy crap what an ass! :yikes:

  4. I see u like thechive too... :D

  5. Some ass in the water... with the obligatory spaces so you don't get in trouble... :Da-hump.jpg?w=500&h=353

  6. The fantasy team that I managed for your lazy ass beat me. :mad:

  7. Hey man... good to hear from you, hope you're doing OK. Same old, same old here... just working and trying to stay busy. Had fun at the 'Skins game with J2 and boo... wish you guys could make it over. :D

  8. The view from heaven... mind-the-gap-monday-27.jpg?w=500&h=329

  9. Nipples and toe are always appreciated. :D

  10. Don't scroll down if ur kids/wife are around... :Dgreat-hump-ass-14.jpg?w=500&h=851

  11. Happy... uh, Thursday... :Dgreat-hump-ass-1.jpg?w=500&h=669

  12. :lol: You should start a thread on it... I just posted some, but I know you won't like them... homo.
  13. I know u are... don't ruin it by explaining it dumbass... :P

  14. srs? come on man.... do it, do it.

  15. BTW cheesy nuts... go manage your team in Bleys league so it'll be a fair matchup and I can talk poo when I beat you.

  16. Dude, she is awesome... have some bouncy bounce. :Dchristina20model20-20white20bikini-6.gif?w=167&h=258

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