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  1. If we can just get some consistency, that would be a step in the right direction. In your scenario, we would have Moton at LT and Williams at right, and while that would be bad, it could be worse.
  2. Where do you bike?  Do you ride with a club or just hit OMB or WeeklyRides and go with those groups?

    I tend to ride with C4 but they don't always match my schedule.

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    2. Cyberjag


      You went in the wrong direction!  Concord has amazing rides between here and Davidson/Albemarle/Monroe.

      If you ever want to compare training notes or need a training buddy to hold each other accountable, let me know.  

      Do you have a coach?  I hired one for the full and it made all the difference.

    3. RoaringRiot


      Always looking for someone to train with. I was hoping to enjoy this sprint and maybe look to do Beach2Battle in Nov, but even my sprint training has been spotty. I've got a good 20-25 pounds to lose before I think about a long distance again. Kid, football season, and terrible diet has made me a huge slacker. 

    4. RoaringRiot


      Haven't hired a coach. Consider it but felt a little intimidated by it. I'm Zack by the way. My email is [email protected] if you want to talk tri stuff. I enjoy talking even when I'm not in race shape (like now)

  3. They played Alex Smith twice and Andrew Luck, two guys that like to run more than your average QB. Surrendered around 27 ppg.
  4. I guess being hung over doesn't affect your photography after all.
  5. The team remembers last year, and they'll be reminded of it time and again this week. I expect them to come out focused and physical. I think the Panthers minimize their mistakes and keep the game conservative, while the defense just shuts Philly down. Low scoring first half, followed by the Panthers just overpowering the Eagles as the game progresses. We win the turnover battle, time of possession, and the game itself. Panthers 27, Eagles 17
  6. Rooting for the Redskins and Saints today. I they both win, next Thursday will be like the Super Bowl in the Dome, with the Saints pulling out all the stops to win. Would be awesome to sit at the end of week 6 at 5-0 with a two game lead over the Falcons.
  7. It would not surprise me to lose this game and go on to win our next two. I think that if Tampa Bay had quality veteran leadership and a recent culture of winning they would be very scary. Even without that, they're plenty talented and probably happy to be back home. Really wish we had Luke back for this one. Can't afford another outing like we had against the Saints.
  8. Not even going to worry at this point. It's too early, and even if it turns out he's not an upgrade, we've got several upgrades on the team already. It's hard to believe he will be worse. We're going to get a 10 yards per drive head start just because of Ginn.We have a legit receiving unit.We have a healthy QB.We have a better secondary.Why are we stressed that 100% of our problems haven't been solved before training camp really gets underway?
  9. Refer to him as Prisco in conversations near him where he can overhear enough to know you're talking about him, but never actually engage him. If he eventually interrupts you to tell you who he is, apologize and say you had him mistaken for a journalist
  10. I don't think they will miss a beat on offense, even without Graham. Adding Spiller and moving to a more run-oriented attack will help them keep their defense off the field, and even in decline Brees is going to be good for keeping the chains moving consistently between the 20s. Give Ryan more athleticism on defense and a little more rest and watch his unit be more effective in 2015. With that said, this shift may keep the Falcons up at night, but not the Panthers. Their offensive changes play to our strengths, so I'm not too concerned about them. It's on defense where they may cause a little trouble. They will have a better rush this year, but we have a mobile QB that can make a defense pay for gambling, something Ryan loves to do. And if we get them down a couple of TDs and force them into a passing game, that's when their losses at WR will be felt. In short, I'm probably one of the few around here that think the Saints will be better in 2015 than they were in 2014. But I think that the direction they're going is one that the Panthers will find favorable, matchup-wise, and we ought to be looking at a sweep in 2015.
  11. One thing to consider that I haven't seen mentioned--this kid is at least a year away from being able to play well at the NFL level. People have mentioned his weight, and he needs that time to bulk up.
  12. Any day three pick would be worth the gamble. I might even look at a 3rd, but that's only if I could get some good reassurances about his character. I'm sure that someone's doing some pretty intense investigation over there right now.
  13. ​No one feared our running game last season, and the red zone is where you get much tighter coverage and need that. I don't have the stats handy, but I would be willing to bet a ticket and a tailgate this coming season that we improved in the red zone last year once our line solidified and we got Stewart in there. BTW, I'm only making that bet if you're female, hot, and single. So forget about it SCP...
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